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History of BlogNomic

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Blognomic has continuously been running since 2003, and in the more than six years since then, there have been over 70 dynasties - and more than enough time for controversies, disagreements, and memories of things of old. If you think something's worthy of being added here, just add it, or, if it's really big, just add a link to the relevant page. Note: Reading this page is in no way necessary to play Blognomic.

To Do:

  • Wak/Qwaz controversy
  • Banned Players
  • Renamed Players
  • Major core rule changes
  • Anonymous CfJs
  • Mad King Anthony

Switch to (2005)

Glitch Admins

Due to a bug in the Expression Engine, for a time in late 2008 and early 2009, several players thought they had Glitch Admin powers. More info

Renamed Players

Dynastic History

Dynastic History