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Current Events

Hide and Seek Tag

This event cost 2 TP to compete in. To sign up for this event, an Olympian must add eier name to the sign ups section by 12:00 AM, monday the 29th of January. The event takes place then.

List of rivals:

   * Slowpoke from Excalabur Homeland -- Popularity -5, Dexterity 4, Wits 7
   * Joe from Excalabur Homeland -- Popularity -4, Dexterity 5, Wits 7
   * Frank "The Crocodile" from Rand -- Popularity 3, Dexterity 9, Wits 9 (Everyone always zig-zags when running away from him, because they know it confuses him. So he gets a penalty of -35 to Dexterity rolls while "it")
   * Cap'n Jessie from Klodistan -- Popularity 1, Dexterity 8, Wits 8 (eyepatch effectively reduces her Wits to 2 while seeking as "it") 

Initially, one participant is randomly chosen among the participants with the least populatiry to be "it". A round of Hide and Seek Tag consists of the following steps:

   * Each participant who is not "it" hides from "it" by making a roll of DICEn, where n is the average of that player's Dexterity and Wits scores (rounded up).
   * "It" seeks the hidden participants by making a roll of DICEm, where m is eir Wits score.
   * If this seek roll is not greater than at least one of the hide rolls made this round, then "it" cannot find any of the hiders, and the round ends.
   * Otherwise, "it" randomly chooses one of the participants whose hide roll was less than the seek roll, and chases em by making a Dexterity roll.
   * The chosen participant flees "it" by making a Dexterity roll.
   * If the chasing roll by "it" is greater than the fleeing roll, then the chosen participant is caught, "it" loses the title of "it", and the chosen participant becomes "it". 

Rounds are played in succession as long as there are at least two participants who have not been eliminated. After every three rounds, the current "it" is eliminated from the competition, and the title of "it" reverts to the remaining participant who has most recently been "it" (if no such participant exists, then "it" is determined randomly among the remaining participants with the least popularity). A Gold medal is awarded to the participant who is not eliminated, a Silver medal to the one who is eliminated last, and a Bronze medal to the one who is eliminated next-to-last.

Sign ups

-Spikebrennan 01:22, 28 Jan 2007 (GMT)

-viewtyjoe 09:36, 29 Jan 2007 (GMT) // signed up too late

SPIKE: 5,9 (1) SLOW: 4,7 (-5) JOE: 5,7 (-4) FRANK: 9,9 (3) JESSIE: 8,8 (1)

Round 1: Slowpoke is it

Slowpoke: DICE7:6
Spike: DICE7:7
Joe: DICE6:6
Frank: DICE9:8
Jessie: DICE8:3

Slowpoke chases Jessie: 23-36. It fails.

Round 2: Slowpoke is "it"

Slowpoke DICE7:1
Spike: DICE7:5
Joe: DICE6:1
Frank: DICE9:9
Jessie: DICE8:1

Slowpoke fails to chase anyone.

Round 3: Slowpoke is "it"

Slowpoke DICE7:1
Spike: DICE7:5
Joe: DICE6:5
Frank: DICE9:7
Jessie: DICE8:8

Slowpoke fails to chase anyone.

IT IS NOW ELIMINATED: Slowpoke is out. Joe is now it.

Round 4: Joe is "it"

Joe: DICE7:4
Spike: DICE7:4
Frank: DICE9:3
Jessie: DICE8:5

Joe chases Frank. 24-37. It fails. Joe is still it.

Round 5: Joe is "it"

Joe: DICE7:6
Spike: DICE7:4
Frank: DICE9:8
Jessie: DICE8:5

Joe chases Jessie(chosen by a DICE2:2). 29-38. It fails. Joe is still it.

Round 6: Joe is "it"

Joe: DICE6:2
Spike: DICE7:5
Frank: DICE9:5
Jessie: DICE8:5

Joe fails to chase anyone. Joe is still it.

IT IS ELIMINATED. Bye bye Joe. DICE2 is rolled for new it. Spike is now it.

Round 7: Spike is "it"

Spike: DICE9:1
Frank: DICE9:6
Jessie: DICE8:5

Spike remains "it"

Round 8: Spike is "it"

Spike: DICE9:6
Frank: DICE9:4
Jessie: DICE8:6

Spike chases Frank. 31-50. It fails. Spike is still "it"

Round 9: Spike is "it"

Spike: DICE9:9
Frank: DICE9:8
Jessie: DICE8:1
Spike chases Frank(DICE2:1). 20-48. Spike is still "it"

IT IS ELIMINATED. See you later, Spikebrennan.

Round 10-12: Jessie is "it"

Jessie fails to ever chase Frank. Jessie is eliminated.


  • GOLD: Rand
  • SILVER: Klodistan
  • BRONZE: Spikebrennan

I note that Joe gets a popularity point under the Eddie the Eagle rule. Spikebrennan 18:58, 1 Feb 2007 (GMT)

Guess my Number

Guess my Number is a pretty simply event. Before the event starts, the Judge(who also happens to be your Coach) will secretly roll a DICE1000(where my secretly, I mean "in the GNDT" and by "Before the event starts" I mean "After the event ends". Each Olympian competiting in the event may then guess N numbers where N is eir Wit. Guesses are logged on the Event Wiki. The same number cannot be guessed twice. All sign ups must be in by 12:00 AM on Thursday the 1st, the event will take place then. Olympians who do not make guesses will make eir guesses randomly.

Olympians who wish to compete in this event must add eir name to the list of players on the Events Wiki by 12:00 AM on Thursday. The contest begins then. All guesses must be placed before 12:00 AM on Thursday. 1 TP is needed for this event.

The contest ends at 12:00 AM on Thursday. It ends with the Coach posting the secret number on the Events Wiki. The closest number to the Coach’s number receives a Gold Medal, the second closes a Silver Medal, and the third closest a Bronze Medal. In the case of a tie, the greater number wins. In the case were one Olympian would win two medals, e receives the best medal(That is, Gold over Silver or bronze, and Silver over Bronze), and the next closet Olympian is awarded the other medal.

We have received word that the following members of Rand McNally are competing in this event:

McNally: One of the luckiest people out there. He only gets one guess, but doesn’t exactly need others. He will be given the units digit and the tens digit and simply guess the hundreds digit by rolling a DICE10. (10 corresponds to 0). This roll will happen after all other guesses are made. If McNally number is already guessed, e will increase his guess by one until he finds a number e can guess.

Excalibur Homeland: Excalibur isn’t lucky, he is just good. He gets three guesses; but gets to be the very final person to summit his guesses. He will place his guesses so that the mathematically have the greatest chance at winning him the gold medal.

Klodistan: Klodistan just has a lot of guesses. Eight to be exact. For each guess, e rolls a DICE1000 and guesses that result.

Sign ups

 - CDG's Numbers    124 250 876 457 903
 - Spike's numbers: 802 721 092 578 638 856 483 636 507
 - Doremi's Numbers:003 535 387 810 673
 - Klod's Numbers:  220 738 321 904 324 260 929 333
 - McNally's Number:314
 - EH's Numbers:    930(had a 7% chance of winning) 125 219(Each had around a 4.8% chance of winning)
 - Clucky's Number: 814


  • GOLD Doremi
  • SILVER: Spikebrennan
  • BRONZE: ChinDoGu(Spike was 3rd closest, but cannot win two medals)

Duck Duck XTREME!

This event starts at 12:00 AM on Saturday the 3rd. All sign ups must be in by then. 2 TP are needed for this event.

Any player can target any other player by making a comment of DUCK followed by a Stamina + Dexterity roll for each player. If the targeting player's roll is higher, the targeted player is turned into a DUCK. Elsewise, the targeting player is turned into a DUCK.

Once a DUCK, a player is considered out of the game. However, every two hours e can target a player and make a wits roll. If the roll is over 100, the casting of the magic spell worked and that player is also a DUCK and out of the game. When the third to last player is turned into a DUCK, e gains a Bronze Medal. When the second to last player is turned into a DUCK, e gains a Silver Medal and the final player gains a Gold Medal.

Then everyone turns back into eir original selves, because staying a DUCK is no fun.

The coach may move for a rival if it has been 6 hours since someone was last turned into a DUCK.


Rand: Stats are 5,5,5,5.
Klodistan: Stats are 4,7,4,4
Excalibur Homeland: Stats are 3,3,7,8

Sign Ups

Sat the 3rd's event

Mon the 5th's event

W the 7th's event

F the 9th's event

Ultra Mega Marathon

This will be the final event, and will be awesome. See the talk page.

Old Events

Burrito Eating Contest


The Burrito Eating Contest is the famed opening event of any Olympic games. The goal of the contest is very simply: Who can consume eir plate of Burritos the fastest? The rules are also very simply: Only one burrito at a time; all of the Burrito must be eaten before you start on the next one.

Each team of Olympians who compete in this event starts with 50 Burritos. Burritos are tracked on the events page of the Wiki. To consume a burrito, an Olympian edit the event wiki page(in the “Blognomic Burrito Consumption” section with a comment of “Consuming Burrito #X: Clucky 16:02, 23 Dec 2006 (GMT)” where X is the number of total Burritos consumed by the team up to that point. E can then not consume another burrito for 60 minutes.

Because this is the opening event, everyone participates. Thus Olympians need to do nothing to sign up for this event. The event stats at 12:00 AM on Friday. No Burritos may be consumed until then.

The team who finishes eir burritos the fastest receives a Gold Medal. The team who finishes eir burritos the second fastest receives a Silver Medal. The team who finishes eir burritos the third fastest receives a Bronze Medal. The team who fails to finish eir burritos before the other three teams receives nothing. If proposal “Tracking the Team” fails or has not been resolved before this event terminates, each member will have eir proper medal count increased by one if this proposal passes. If the proposal “Tracking the Team” passes, just the Blognomic team’s proper medal count is increased by one.

Our scouting reports of the other teams are as follows:

Excalabur Homeland just plods away. They should finish this contest in 24 hours. Klodistan can eat fast, but is inconsistent. At the start of the event, the coach rolls a DICE20 and add 20 to the result. It will take Koldistan that long(in hours) to finish eir burritos. Rand McNally doesn’t like it when others watch them eat. I wonder why. Every 30 minutes in which no one on Blognomic consumes a burrito, Rand McNally will consume two!


Our burrito consumption log appeared as follows: Consuming Burrito #1 -Bucky 04:35, 22 Dec 2006 (GMT)

Consuming Burrito #2 -Rotwang 14:19, 22 Dec 2006 (GMT)

Consuming Burrito #3 -Elias IX 16:05, 22 Dec 2006 (GMT)

Consuming Burrito #4 -Bucky 16:58, 22 Dec 2006 (GMT)

Consuming Burrito #5 -Bucky 18:04, 22 Dec 2006 (GMT)

Consuming Burrito #6 -Bucky 19:08, 22 Dec 2006 (GMT)

Consuming Burrito #7 -Bucky 20:13, 22 Dec 2006 (GMT)

Consuming Burrito #8 -Bucky 21:05, 22 Dec 2006 (GMT) (hedging)

Consuming Burrito #9 -Bucky 22:05, 22 Dec 2006 (GMT) (a little help would be nice)

Consuming Burrito #10 -Bucky 23:08, 22 Dec 2006 (GMT) (and Excalabur Homeland takes second)

Consuming Burrito #11 -shallowminded 00:08, 23 Dec 2006 (GMT)

Consuming Burrito #12 -Bucky 00:25, 23 Dec 2006 (GMT)

Consuming Burrito #13 -Bucky 02:04, 23 Dec 2006 (GMT) (It's pretty much hopeless now unless everyone else eats at top speed)

Consuming Burrito #14 -Bucky 04:08, 23 Dec 2006 (GMT)

Consuming Burrito #15 -Bucky 05:11, 23 Dec 2006 (GMT) (It's impossible for us to win now without new members joining)


  • GOLD: Rand McNally(15 hours)
  • SILVER: Excalabur Homeland(24 hours)
  • BRONZE: Klodistan(30 hours)

Water Triathlon


The Water Triathlon is the first race of the Olympic Games. In it, contestants must master the three elements of water: Liquid, Gas and Solid. The event is thus split into three parts: Skating, Swimming and Floating. Olympians who wish to compete in this event must make a comment to this post of SIGNUP: Water Triathlon before the event starts at 12:00 AM Saturday. This event will start and take place then. (Or as soon thereafter as someone can complete the event.) Competing in this event takes 2 TP.

Skating: This is the first event. Each competitor makes a Dexterity + Stamina Roll. The lowest competitor is eliminated from play, and the rest continue in the race. In the case of a time for last; each tied contestant rolls a DICE100. The one with the lowest roll is eliminated. Continue rolling DICE100s until the tie is broken.

Swimming: This is the second event. Each Olympian makes a Strength + Stamina Roll. This value is added to their previous Dexterity + Stamina Roll. Again, the lowest competitor is eliminated from play with DICE100 rolls breaking any ties.

Floating: This is the final event. Each Olympian makes a Wits + Stamina Roll. The value is added to both of their previous rolls. The competitor with the highest sum value receives a Gold Medal, second receives a Silver Medal, and third receives a bronze Medal. Once again, roll DICE100s to break ties.

The results of each of the events are kept on the events page of the wiki for history’s sake.

We have received word that the following Rivals are competing in this event: • Roboticus Alpha (Excalabur Homeland): Roboticus Alpha is a machine. Eir stats are: 4,4,3,4 • McTortise (Rand McNally): McTortise may be slow, but often slow and steady wins the race. Stats: 1,1,5,7 • McHare (Rand McNally): McHare is fast, but can e keep up the pace? Stats: 7,7,3,1 • Klnergizer Bunny (Klodistan): E keeps going and going and going. Stats: 1,1,7,1


The Water Triathlon was conducted by Bucky.

Format: Name(att+Stamina):Score(total Score)




McTortise(6):28(28) XXX


Klnergizer Bunny(8):38(38)

Commentary:McHare takes the lead, as predicted. Klnergizer wipes out early, and Bucky passes em; the bunny ends this section with a one-second lead over Roboticus. The Tortise gets left behind everyone.



Roboticus(7):33(72) XXX


Klnergizer Bunny(8):50(88)

Commentary:McHare extends her lead while Klnergizer rushes to make up for lost ground. Bucky falls steadily behind and Roboticus almost catches up on the home stretch. This is initially ruled a tie, but instant replay shows Bucky to have crossed the finish line 900 milliseconds ahead of the robot.


Bucky:96 Roboticus:6




Klnergizer Bunny(8):56

Final totals

Each competetor takes the total of eir last three rolls, so...

First place Klnergizer Bunny:(56+50+38 = 144)

Second place McHare:(50+64+14 = 128)

Third place Bucky:(45+27+72 = 124)


  • GOLD: Klodistan
  • SILVER: Rand McNally
  • BRONZE: Bucky


  • Game 1: Mc Rock vs. Elias IX: 26 to 21. DICE2 is rolled. A 2 so Mc Rock advances
  • Game 2: Bob Copper vs. Shallowminded: 40 to 33. DICE2 is rolled. A 1 so Bob Copper advances
  • Game 3: Mc Scissors vs. Hix: 37 to 22: DICE2 is rolled. A 1 so Hix advances
  • Game 4: Bare Ninja-Cowboy vs. Bucky: 41 to 18. So Bare Ninja-Cowboy advances
  • Game 5: Spockus Lizardus vs. CluckyA: 7 to 24. So CluckyA advances
  • Game 6: Brick Wall vs. CluckyB: 4 to 36. So CluckyB advances
  • Game 7: Jan Ken vs. CluckyC: 26 to 40. DICE 2 is rolled. A 1 so CluckyC advances.
  • Game 8: Mc Paper vs. CluckyD: 23 to 33. DICE2 is rolled. A 1 so CluckyD advances.
  • Game 9: Mc Rock vs. Bob Copper: 33 to 43. DICE2 is rolled. A 1 so Copper advances.
  • Game 10: Hix vs. Bare Ninja-Cowboy: 30 to 35. DICE2 is rolled. A 2 so Hix advances.
  • Game 11: CluckyA vs. CluckyB: 12 to 31. So CluckyB advances.
  • Game 12: CluckyC vs. CluckyD: 27 to 27. DICE2 is rolled. A 1 so CluckyC advances.
  • Game 13: Bob Copper vs. Hix: 38 to 13. So Copper advances
  • Game 14: CluckyB vs CluckyC: 32 to 33. DICE2 is rolled. A 1 so CluckyB advances.
  • Game 15: Hix vs. CluckyC: 11 to 24. So CluckyC wins Bronze
  • Game 16: Bob Copper vs. CluckyB: 48 to 28. So Bob Copper wins Gold and CluckyB wins Silver.


  • GOLD: Klodistan
  • SILVER: Blognomic
  • BRONZE: Blognomic

100 Yard Dash

The 100 yard dash is a pure speed event. It is also over very fast. To sign up for this event, an Olympian should add eir name to the "sign ups" section below. This event costs 1TP.

To decide this event, make a Dexterity roll for each competitor. The competitor with the highest rest receives a Gold Medal, the competitor with the second highest receives a Silver Medal, and the competitor with the third highest receives a Bronze Medal.

In the case of a tie, Roll a DICE2.

The following Rivals will be playing in this event:

Mr Klodistan is picked for eir consistency. This Klod's Dexterity Check will always be 30.
Mr Rand McMrNally is just plain fast. Eir Dexterity is 6.
Excalabur Homeland has recruited a pair of identical twins, Red and Blue, with Dexterity 4 each; They run best together, and if their Dexterity roll are within 3 of each other, they both receive a one time 15-point bonus on their rolls. 

This event will be run at 12:00 AM on Thursday.


None of our Olympians signed up.

Mr Rand McMrNally won Gold with a roll of 36 Mr Klodistan won Silver with a roll of 30 Blue won Bronze with a roll of 22

None of our Olympians had a Dexterity higher than the worst Rival. -Bucky 05:47, 4 Jan 2007 (GMT)


  • GOLD: Rand McNally
  • SILVER: Klodistan
  • BRONZE: Excalibur Homeland

Wall Smash

Wall Smash is an event of pure destruction. Unlike the Burrito Eating Contest, where you can only eat one at a time, in Wall Smash you can smash lots of bricks at once. It costs 1 TP to play. To sign up, an Olympian should add eir name to the sign ups section below.

Each contestant starts with a wall of 100 bricks. Total bricks are tracked on the events page of the wiki. An Olympian may smash eir wall by making a strength roll, and reducing the number of bricks in eir wall by the result of that roll. After e does this, e cannot do so again for another two hours. The first Olympian to destroy all 100 of eir bricks receives a Gold Medal. The second Olympian to destroy all 100 of eir bricks receives a Silver Medal and the Third Olympian receives a Bronze Medal.

The following rivals will be taking place in this event:

The Klod(Klodistan) - E got this event confused with the Burrito-Eating contest. E will eat Bricks at a rate of one every fifteen minutes.
Copycat(Excalabur Homeland) - E doesn't like smashing bricks on eir own. E will smash 5 bricks every time a Blognomic Olympian smashes any.
McFoot(Rand McNally) - McFoot just kicks bricks. has a Strength of 5. At the start of the event, the coach will preform all of his rolls. E will then take 190*X minutes for him to knock down all the bricks; where X is one less than the number of rolls it took him to win. 

This event will start at 12:00 AM on Saturday


Bucky:100-20-20-26(-27)-15 - 30 = -11

Copycat:100-5-5-5-5-5(-5) = 70

McFoot:100-20-25-25-22-22 =done = 190*5 minutes = 950 minutes = 15.83 hours = done, I think.

The Klod: It is now 20:37, so e has consumed 20*4 = 82 Bricks = 18 bricks left.

done -Bucky 17:07, 6 Jan 2007 (GMT)

Eh no, Bucky. Your 26 came a 7:30 AM, and your 25 two minutes later. You are not done yet --Clucky 17:44, 6 Jan 2007 (GMT)

The 26 was intended as a correction to the 27, which should have been legal but needed to be re-rolled later. Since the roll itsself was made on time (and only the value had to be corrected), I should be done. However, it doesn't matter. McFoot wins gold, I win Silver and The Klod will get bronze once e finishes munching.

Yup. Copycat got hurt that it was only Bucky smashing bricks. Which is why others should sign up next time. --Clucky 20:38, 6 Jan 2007 (GMT)


  • GOLD: Rand McNally
  • SILVER: Bucky
  • BRONZE: Klodistan

1.4 Team Soccer/Football

Soccer(Or Football, as it is known in most other parts of the country) is a team event. Eleven Olympians will play on each team. There is no cost to playing in this event. To sign up, an Olympian should add eir name to the sign ups section below. In the event where fewer than eleven Olympians sign up for this event, the remaining team spots will be filled with copies of the coach, and thus will have the same attributes of the coach. In addition to signing up, you must also choose a position

   * Striker(1): Receives shots equal to eir dexterity plus eir strength
   * Wing(2): Receives shot equal to eir dexterity plus eir stamina
   * Midfielder(4): Receives shots equal to eir stamina plus half eir dexterity plus half eir strength.
   * Back(3): Receives shots equal to half eir dexterity plus quarter eir stamina plus quarter eir strength.
   * Keeper(1): Receives no shots. 

In all cases, the total number of shots is rounded down.

To decide a matchup, for each team total the number of shots each player has on that team and make a comment of XDICE2 where X is the total number of shots. This will give you the number of shots on goal by that team.

The other team's keeper must now attempt to block these shots on goal. Make a (Dexterity + Wits) check. If this value is greater than the number of shots on goal; zero points are scored by the original team in the half. If the shots on goal surpasses this value, one point is scored. If the shots on goal surpasses this value by at least 10, an additional point is scored. If the shots on goal surpasses this value by at least 20, one final point is scored(meaning three are scored by the first team in the half).

Repeat this process for each team in each half. The team with the most total points wins. In the case of the time, continue playing halves until there is a winner, for each half. Reduce the total Dexterity + Keeper by one(only for the event. This is to prevent stuff from never ending).

The teams are arranged in a tournament: Game 1: Blognomic vs. Klodistan Game 2: Excalabur Homeland vs. Rand McNally Game 3: Loser of Game 1 vs. Loser of Game 2 Game 4: Winner of Game 1 vs. Winner of Game 1

The Winner of Game 4 receives a Gold Medal. The Loser of Game 4 receives a Silver Medal The Winner of Game 3 receives a Bronze Medal

Klodistan: A heavy favorite in this tournament, Klodistan players are each turned to exatly what their position needs. Klodistan gets a grand total of 50 shots per half due to eir fast, powerful team. Eir keeper has stats 2,2,7,7!
Excalibur Homeland : Eir team all around balanced. Each member of the homeland has stats 4,4,4,4; so they gets 37 shots per half.
Rand McNally: A hot and cold team. They roll a DICE30 and add 25 to the result and take that many shots per half. Some days they are on fire, while others they cant hit a brick wall. Their keeper has stats 3,3,5,4.

This event will start on 12:00 AM, Sunday the 7th of January. All matches will take place then.


  • GOLD: Blognomic
  • SILVER: Excalabur Homeland
  • BRONZE: Klodistan

Tournament of Fate

The Tournament of Fate requires a very well rounded Olympian. It is preformed as follows:

Two contestants are put in each game. In each game, and for each contestant in that game, a DICE4 DICE4 is rolled. Each contestant then makes an Atrributes roll that corresponds to eir dice roll.(For example, if the dice roll is a 1 2 e will make a Strength + Dexterity. a 3 1 would be Stamina + Strength. A 4 4 would be 2Wits).

The contestant with the higher attributes roll then advances and the one with the lower attributes roll does not. In the case of a tie, each contestant makes a Wits Roll. Continue making Wits Rolls until one roll is higher--that Olympian wins the game.

To sign up, an Olympian should add eir name, and choose a spot, to the Sign Ups section below. This event costs 1 TP. Only four Olympians may compete. If fewer than four sign up, the remaining spots will clones of the coach, who possess the same stats as the coach. If a clone wins a medal, the Blognomic team receives that medal.

Like always, Gold Medal will go to the winner of the Championship Game, Silver to the loser of said game, and Bronze to the winner of the Runner-up game.

Games 1: Blog Nomic Slot A vs Kloddude(Klodistan): Stats 3,4,5,6.
Games 2: Blog Nomic Slot B vs RandMcDude(Rand McNally): Stats 7,7,2,2.
Games 3: Blog Nomic Slot C vs Excaladudeica(EH): Stats 5,5,5,5.
Games 4: Blog Nomic Slot D vs Dudestan(Klodistan): Stats 6,5,4,3.

The tournament will take place at 12:00 AM on Friday. All sign ups must be in by then.


Game 1: CluckyA(a clone) defeated the Kloddude, on a 23-20 tie breaker. Game 2: CluckyB(a clone) defeated RandMcDude 48-47 Game 3: Excaladueica defeated CluckyC, 65-63 Game 4: Dudestan defeated CluckyD, 52-48

Game 5: CluckyB defeated CluckyA, 30-21 Game 6: Excaladuecia defeated Dudestan, 58-34

Game 7: Dudestan defeated CluckyA, 43-39 Game 8: Excaladuecida defeated CluckyB, 57-25


  • GOLD: Excalibur Homeland
  • SILVER: Blognomic
  • Bronze: Klodistan

Physic Football

The Ohio State-Florida championship football game occurs on January 8, 2007 at 8 PM EST. Each Olympian predicts the winner of the game; the total number of points scored by each team, and the spread(difference between one teams score and the other. So if you pick Florida to win by a spread of 7, that means they will beat Ohio State by 7 points) and the MVP of the game. No more than one prediction per Olympian is allowed.

To win the event, you must pick the correct winner. Those who pick the correct winner will then be sorted by closeness to the total number of points scored without going over. The closest Olympian will win Gold Medal, second closes a Silver Medal, and the third closest a Bronze Medal. In the case of a tie, closeness to the spread will be used. MVP is used only in the case where a tie occurs in the closeness to the spread as well. If result is still tied after this, whoever entered their guesses first. However, any Olympian who correctly picks the MVP gains wits point for eir psychic powers.

In the case that fewer than three Olympians who correctly picked the winning team also picked a score below the total number of points scored, the closest Olympian who picked a score that went over the final score will be next in line for a medal. In the case that fewer than three Olympians correctly picked the winning team; the Olympian who picked the closest to the total score without going over will be next in line for a medal. In the case were fewer than three Olympians correctly picked the winning team or picked the losing team but failed to pick a score below the total score, the Olympian who picked the losing team and was the closest to the total score, despite going over, will be next in line for a medal.

So for example:

Florida wins 17-13.

Person A picks Florida to win with a total score of 10 Person B picks Florida to win with a total score of 30 Person C picks Florida to win with a total score of 40 Person D picks Ohio State to win with a total score of 10 Person E picks Ohio State to win with a total score of 50

Person A gets gold, for getting the winner and the closest score. Person B gets silver, because e picked the winning team and next closest less than the total score. Person C gets bronze, because e picked the winning team, even if e picked a score that was too big. Person D would be next in line, because e picked the losing team--but at least the score was within the Criteria Person E would be last in line because e picked both the losing team and a score that was too big.

The following rivals will be competing in this event:

Vince Young(Excalabur Homeland): Young competed in last years championship game and let eir team to the national title. E still has fond memories of that game, and thus picks a total score of 79 with a spread of three, Ohio State as the winner. He is still living in the past, however and picks himself as the MVP.
David Beckham(Klodistan): Beckham thought that this game was REAL football. Thus e picks a final score equal to the result of a DICE7 and the spread equal to the result of a DICE2. E also thinks Florida is a bigger state than Ohio, and thus should win the game. E also knows the importance that a center has to the outcome of a game, and so picks Steve Rissler as the MVP.
Fiesta McBowl(Rand McNally): Bowl will roll a DICE30 for each of the two teams, and determine all outcomes from there.(Winning team will be whoever roles higher. Total score will be the sum of the two rolls. Spread will be the difference of the two rolls) Depending on which team e picks, e will choose that teams Starting Quarterback (Troy Smith for Ohio State and Chris Leak for Florida) as the MVP. 

To sign up for this event, an Olympian should add eir name to the sign ups section below. E should include the score, spread, winner and MVP in eir sign up. All sign ups must be in by 12:00 AM on Monday.


Rand McNally Won, picking Florida to win with a score of 37. Spikebrennan was second, picking Flordia to win with a total score of 37. E won a wits point for getting the mvp. Beckham was next, picking Florida to win with a score of 3. Young and Bucky both picked Ohio State to win, and so lost.

Would you mind telling me what Rand McNally's estimate of the spread was? (I had a spread of 3, so I am aware that Rand McNally would have won with a spread of anything greater than 3; but still, it would be nice to know, seeing as how the gold medal turned on it and all...) Spikebrennan 04:51, 11 Jan 2007 (GMT)


  • GOLD: Rand McNally
  • SILVER: Spikebrennan
  • BRONZE: Klodistan

Stamina Contest

This is a torunament. In each game, the two olympians facing eachother make stamina rolls. They then roll DICEN's where N is the value of the last roll they made. The first Olympian to roll a 1 loses. If both Olympians roll a 1 on the same throw, they repeat the processes from the top. The winner advances to the next game. Like always, winner of final game gets gold, loser of final game gets silver, and winner of second to final game gets bronze. Also like always, any spots not filled by blognomic's Olympians are instead filled by clones of the coach. Medals won by said clones go to the team totals.

This event costs 2 TP to compete in. To sign up, an Olympian should replace one of the blognomic slots with eir name. If there are no slots left e cannot sign up. All Sign ups must be in by 12:00 AM on Monday. The event will take place then.

First round games:

  1. RandMcNally(Stamina 6) vs Blognomic A
  2. KlodistanA(Stamina 4) vs JoshuaGross
  3. ExcaliburHomeland(Stamina 5) vs Blognomic C
  4. KlodistanB(Stamina 4) vs Bucky

Other rounds

5: 1 winner vs 2 winner 6: 3 winner vs 4 winner

7(bronze medal): 5 loser vs 6 loser 8(gold medal): 5 winner vs 6 winner

Combustable, I hate to be the one to spoil your party, but you seem to have missed the deadline for signing up by just over an hour. -Bucky 05:29, 15 Jan 2007 (GMT)


  • Gold: Bucky
  • Silver: Blognomic
  • Bronze: Klodistan

Stockcar Derby

This event costs 2 TP to compete in. To sign up an Olympian should add eir name to the sign ups below. All sign ups must be in by 12:00 AM on Tuesday. The event will take place then.

Upon signing up for this event, an Olympian must attempt to build a stock car. To do this, e makes a Wits Roll. The stockcar will have a performance rating equal to that Wits Roll. If e does not like the result of eir Wits Roll, e can attempt to roll it again. However, e must keep this new roll even if it is lower than eir original wits roll.

The race itself is 200 laps long. Each lap takes one minute for a standard stockcar to complete. This one minute is reduced by X milliseconds, where X is ten times the value of the stockcar’s performance. It is then again reduced by the result of a Dexterity + Wits roll made for each racer. This process is repeated 200 times, once per lap. The winner(who receives a Gold Medal) is the Olympian who finishes in the fastest time. Silver will go to the next fastest time, and Bronze to the third fastest time. In the case of a tie, a PHOTO FINISH is used. This are just luck, so each tied Olympian rolls DICE100(with the highest result winning) until the tie is broken. Finishes closer than 100 miliseconds of eachother are too close to call, and thus count as a tie.

To speed things along, instead of making 200 Dexterity + Wits rolls, each Olympian makes a single 200*(Dexterity+Wits)


Rand McNally: Has dexterity 3 and wits 6. E will roll eir preformance roll again if it is less than 40.

Excalibur Homeland: Has dexterity 8 and wits 3. E will roll eir preformance roll again only if it is less than 10.

Klodistan: Has dexterity 5 and wits 5. E also has a already built car with performance 30.


  • Gold: EliasIX
  • Silver: Rand McNally
  • Bronze: SpikeBrennan

Paintball Challenge

Each Olympian has a paintball gun. Eir goal is to kill the rest of the Olympians by shooting eim with eir paintball gun.

To shoot another Olympian, an Olympian makes a comment of SHOOT XXXX followed by a dexterity roll for both eimself and eir target. If eir roll is higher, e has shot that player and that player is eliminated from play. The Olympian may not attempt to shoot again for two hours.

Play continues until only one Olympian remains. E receives a gold medal. The last Olympian to be eliminated receives a Silver Medal. The second to last receives a bronze medal.

This event cost 1 TP to compete in. To sign up, an Olympian should add eir name to the sign up list below. All sign ups must be in by 12:00 AM on Wednesday. The event will take place then.


Rand McNally: E has dexterity of five. Any time someone shoots eim and misses, e gets to take a shot back at that Olympian.

Klodistan: E has a dexterity of four. Any time someone shoots eim and misses, however, e gets to take a shot back at that Olympian—and never misses!

Excalibur Homeland: E has a dexterity of six. Every three hours, e targets the last person who took a shot. If three hours have passes since Excalibur Homeland’s last target, no Olympian may target someone until they have resolved Excalibur Homeland’s shot. If no one who is alive has taken a shot, e rolls a DICEN where N is the number of remaining players other than eimself, ranking the other Olympians alphabetically and shooting the Nth such person.

You get eliminated from play for shooting people!? -Bucky 23:23, 11 Jan 2007 (GMT)


  • Gold: Excalibur Homeland
  • Silver: Klodistan
  • Bronze: Doremi

Scrabble Thing

This event costs 1 TP to compete in. To sign up, an Olympian should add eir name to the signups section below. All sign ups must be in by 12:00 AM on Friday(the 19th), the event will take place them.

Upon signing up for an event, each Olympian must pick a five letter English word. The word cannot have any letters directly in common with another word picked by another Olympian (for example, if I first pick APPLE, you can pick PEARS but not ANGLE). Each Olympian must also pick a single letter which does not appear in eir word, and has not been picked by any other Olympian. Each letter has an assigned value, as in scrabble: (A-1, B-3, C-3, D-2, E-1, F-4, G-2, H-4, I-1, J-8, K-5, L-1, M-3, N-1, O-1, P-3, Q-10, R-1, S-1, T-1, U-1, V-4, W-4, X-8, Y-4, Z-10).

In a game five rounds are played. Each round corresponds to one letter of the five letter word picked by each Olympian. This is considered their Bonus Letter. The other letter that they picked, which remains constant throughout the event, is eir Poison Letter.

To score a round, a random post is picked. A DICE17 is rolled. A 1 corresponds to the August 2005 archives page and a 17 to the December 2006 archives page. The rest of the numbers fill in the gap (so a 2 is September 2006, and a 13 would be August 2006).

The number of total posts on that archive is then totaled up and a DICEN is rolled where N is the number of posts on that page. A post is then selected, with a 1 corresponding to the top post on the page and a N to the bottom post.(and so a 5 would be the fifth post from the top).

Every Olympian now scores for that post. For each appears of eir Bonus letter in the posts title(once stripped of automated stuff, like “Proposal” or “Call for Judgment”, e gains thrice the value of the bonus letter. For each appearance of eir Bonus letter in the posts subject, e gains twice the value of the bonus letter. If a blockquote appears anywhere in the posts subject, only the text within the blockquote counts to the Olympians score. (this is because most proposals will say “add a new rule” and so those letters would be scored more often if we allowed them).

This process is repeated for each olympian’s poison letter, except that poison letters are subtracted from each Olympian’s total score. Poison letters appearing in the subject(again, stripped of automated stuff) count as twice their value against the Olympians score, and Poison letters appearing in the subject(again, only in blockquotes if blockquotes appear) count as their value against the Olympian’s score.

The total score for each Olympian is then added up for each of the five rounds. The Olympian with the highest total score wins the event and receives a gold medal. The one with the second highest total second receives a silver medal, and the one with the third highest total score receives a bronze medal.

In the case of a tie, the Olympian who scored the highest in a single round receives the higher medal. If it is still tied, the Olympian who’s five letter word has the highest value receives the higher medal. If it is still tied, the Olympian who’s poison letter has the highest value receives the higher medal. If it is still tied, a DICE2 is rolled with a 1 going to the Olympian whose name appears first alphabetically.

Rand McNally: E picks the first available word. That is, for each letter of eir word e picks the first one available after all other words are picked. So if words starting with AB and C are all picked, e starts eir word with a D. The same applies for eir Poison Letter.

Excalibur Homeland: E likes to gamble, and so picks the world ZQXJK. Eir Poison Letter is U.

Klodistan: E likes to play is safe, and so picks the word AEIOU. Eir Poison letter is Q.

Sign Ups

Doremi - EBSIM X

ChinDoGu - THREE z

Scaramouche - MICKS Y

Spikebrennan 20:53, 15 Jan 2007 (GMT) - VEINY J (also, I would love to see dictionary definitions of the English words "ebsim", "aeiou" and "zqxjk".)

Comment by CDG -- Technically, as they are not olympians, the rivals words do not need to be English words, and their chosen letters do not prevent others from chosing the same...

Doremi - I thought since our rivals had gibberish words, I could too. If that is not the case, use START with the same poison letter (x)

Is it really fair for rival competitors to play by different rules than us Olympians? Spikebrennan 04:52, 17 Jan 2007 (GMT)

The rules say nothing about fair. So yes. To be fair, your word would be illegal if they were considered olympians, but since there not, you can steal the i as it is not used in that spot by another olympian. -- ChinDoGu ---


I should've checked this sooner Im just gonna allow EBSIM, VEINY is not allowed though because of the EI so I am turning that into WOULD because its the next work Spike said =P.


Time to run the event.


  • RAND: 43 + 2 = 45 + 42 = 97 + 41 = 138 + 15 = 153
  • EH: 74 + 5 = 79 + 41 = 120 + 65 = 185 + 3 = 188 (BRONZE)
  • KLOD: -21 + 0 = -21 - 7 = -28 + 46 = 18 + 28 = 46
  • DOREMI: 127 + 0 = 127 + 6 = 135 + 85 = 220 + 46 = 266 (SILVER)
  • CHIN: 107 + 0 = 107 + 42= 149 + 89 = 238 + 56 = 294 (GOLD)
  • SCAR: 20 + 5 = 25 + 64 = 89 + 11 = 100 + 8 = 108
  • SPIKE: 92 + 5 = 97 + 6 = 105 + 36 = 141 + 30 = 171

Team Volleyball

A Volleyball team consists of 6 players. One player uses eir strength and eir dexterity. One player uses eir strength and eir stamina. One player uses eir strength and eir wits. One player uses eir wits and eir dexterity. One player uses eir wits and eir stamina. One player uses eir dexterity and eir stamina.

These values are total up to create the Team Total.

Each game is played to 21 Points. Points are scored as follows:

The serving team serves the ball by rolling a DICEN where N is eir Team Total. If the result is less than 5, the serve fails and the other team gets a point. If the result is greater or equal to than 5, the serve passes and the other team must attempt a return.

To do this, they roll a DICEN in where N is eir Team Total. If the result is less than the DICEN rolled by the serving team, the other team gets a point. If the result is greater or equal to than the DICEN rolled by the serving team, the other team must attempt to return that shot.(using the new DICEN roll as their target value).

After a point is scored, the other team now serves first. This continues until one team gets 21 points. If the other team has 20 points when said team reaches 21, play continues until one of the teams has a 2 point lead.

This event costs 0 TP to compete in. To sign up, an Olympian should fill one of the six slots with eir name. if there are no slots open, an Olympian cannot sign up. Like always, unfilled slots are filled with clones of the coach. All sign ups must be in by 12:00 AM on Thursday(The 18th). The event will take place then.


Rand McNally: For each game, eir team total is equal to 60 + DICE30

Excalibur Homeland: Eir team total is equal to 80.

Klodistan: Eir team total is equal to 10DICE10


Game 1: Blognomic vs. Rand McNally

Game 2: EH vs. Klodistan

Game 3(Winner gets a Bronze Medal): Game 1 loser vs. Game 2 loser

Game 4(Winner gets a Gold Medal, loser gets a Silver Medal): Game 1 winner vs. Game 2 winner.

Sign Ups

  • Str+Dex: Doremi (6+6)
  • Str+Sta: Bucky (4 + 7)
  • Str+Wit: Spikebrennan (5+7)
  • Dex+Sta: Clucky (5+5)
  • Dex+Wit: Elias IX (5+7)
  • Sta+Wit: Clucky (5+5)

Team Total: 67


Game 1 Results:


Game 2 Results:

EXHO WINS 21-10!

Game 3(done by a spiffy program. word)

Blognomic: 20-40-35 (0-1) 
Klodistan: 11-36-2 (1-1)
Blognomic: 37-27 (2-1) 
Klodistan: 38-37 (2-2) 
Blognomic: 16-15 (3-2) 
Klodistan: 39-30 (3-3) 
Blognomic: 35-43-44-14 (4-3) 
Klodistan: 11-41-8 (5-3) 
Blognomic: 50-4 (6-3) 
Klodistan: 11-45-42 (7-3) 
Blognomic: 3 (7-4) 
Klodistan: 2 (8-4) 
Blognomic: 27-17 (9-4) 
Klodistan: 24-36-23 (10-4) 
Blognomic: 34-20 (11-4) 
Klodistan: 39-30 (11-5) 
Blognomic: 35-20 (12-5) 
Klodistan: 18-7 (12-6) 
Blognomic: 37-22 (13-6) 
Klodistan: 41-51-5 (14-6) 
Blognomic: 62-36 (15-6) 
Klodistan: 4 (16-6) 
Blognomic: 60-27 (17-6) 
Klodistan: 44-55-18 (18-6) 
Blognomic: 50-3 (19-6) 
Klodistan: 14-21-43-62-22 (20-6) 
Blognomic: 14-45-11 (20-7) 
Klodistan: 44-59-39 (21-7) 
Blognomic wins 21 to 7!

Game 4(double word. But now my program is no longer needed <_<)

Rand:: 51-40 (1-0) 
EH:: 80-64 (1-1) 
Rand:: 25-2 (2-1) 
EH:: 55-29 (2-2) 
Rand:: 3 (2-3) 
EH:: 30-29 (2-4) 
Rand:: 6-39-65-1 (3-4) 
EH:: 48-18 (3-5) 
Rand:: 8-16-48-72-34 (3-6) 
EH:: 47-14 (3-7) 
Rand:: 9-52-35 (3-8) 
EH:: 23-51-72-4 (3-9) 
Rand:: 66-50 (4-9) 
EH:: 44-12 (4-10) 
Rand:: 28-50-8 (4-11) 
EH:: 32-66-45 (5-11) 
Rand:: 59-38 (6-11) 
EH:: 74-11 (6-12) 
Rand:: 6-15-20-58-50 (6-13) 
EH:: 49-36 (6-14) 
Rand:: 66-67-20 (6-15) 
EH:: 24-29-51-33 (6-16) 
Rand:: 52-46 (7-16) 
EH:: 26-62-24 (8-16) 
Rand:: 6-67-16 (8-17) 
EH:: 55-10 (8-18) 
Rand:: 2 (8-19) 
EH:: 34-58-30 (9-19) 
Rand:: 57-7 (10-19) 
EH:: 55-30 (10-20) 
Rand:: 56-33 (11-20) 
EH:: 2 (12-20) 
Rand:: 62-49 (13-20) 
EH:: 8-47-73-17 (13-21) 
EH: wins 21 to 13!


  • GOLD: Excalibur Homeland
  • SILVER: RandMcNally
  • BRONZE: Blognomic

Battle of Skills

This event is split into several rounds. Each round eliminates one contestant. When the third to last contestant is eliminated, e receives a bronze medal. When the second to last contest is eliminated, e receives a silver medal. The final contestant receives a gold medal.

In each round, each non-eliminated contestant makes a Strength+Stamina+Dexterity+Wits roll. The one with the lowest roll is eliminated. A DICE100 is used to break ties, with the higher roll corresponding to winning the tie-break.

This event costs 1TP to compete in. All sign ups must be in by 12:00 AM on Wednesday.


Excalibur Homeland: E has stats 5,5,5,4. Klodistan: E has stats 6,3,3,6. Rand: E has stats 10,2,2,3.

Sign Ups





-Spikebrennan 05:53, 22 Jan 2007 (GMT)

Hix 20:35, 22 Jan 2007 (GMT)

Sum of stats at start of event:

Doremi: 25 Spike: 23 Chindogu: 19 Excalibur Homeland: 19 Klodistan: 18 Scaramouche: 17 Rand: 17 Pie-is-square: 17 Hix: 13

Round 1(Hix):

  • Doremi: 132
  • Spike: 127
  • Pie-is-square: 108
  • Chindogu: 101
  • Scaramouche: 95
  • Klodistan: 89
  • Excalibur Homeland: 83
  • Rand: 84

*Hix: 63 (Popularity Point)

Round 2(Scaramouche):

  • Doremi: 155
  • Spike: 118
  • Chindogu: 108
  • Rand: 106
  • Excalibur Homeland: 103
  • Pie-is-square: 95
  • Klodistan: 93

*Scaramouche: 74

Round 3(Excalibur Homeland):

  • Doremi: 143
  • Spike: 134
  • Rand: 110
  • Klodistan: 105
  • Chindogu: 102
  • Pie-is-square: 99

*Excalibur Homeland: 88

Round 4(Rand):

  • Doremi: 156
  • Spike: 129
  • Pie-is-square: 104
  • Chindogu: 100
  • Klodistan: 92

*Rand: 65

Round 5(Pie-is-square):

  • Spike: 117
  • Doremi: 116
  • Klodistan: 104
  • Chindogu: 96

*Pie-is-square: 70

Round 6(Chindogu):

  • Doremi: 151
  • Spike: 144
  • Klodistan: 103

*Chindogu: 98

Round 7(Klodistan):

  • Doremi: 138
  • Spike: 131

*Klodistan: 86(Bronze Medal)

Round 8(Spike):

  • Doremi: 140 (Gold Medal)

*Spike: 111 (Silver Medal)


  • GOLD Doremi
  • SILVER Spikebrennan
  • BRONZE Klodistan

Team Water-Balloon Fight

Each team in this event has 10 players. A DICE2 is used to see which team throws first, with a 1 going to the team that appears higher on the GNDT. Each game is split into several rounds, and each round into two parts:

Part 1: The throw The team makes a XDICE10 roll where X is the average strength of each of eir contestants, rounded down. This number is multiplied by 10/X where X is the number of contestants remaining on the other team. This is the power of eir teams throw.

Part 2: The dodge. Each contestant on the team must now make a Dexterity + Wits roll. If it is less than or equal to the power of the teams throw, that contestant is eliminated.

Now the other team throws first. This process continues until all the contestant on one team are eliminated.

Like always, if someone doesn’t sign up that spot is filled by a clone of the coach. Sign ups must be in by 12:00 AM on Friday.


EH: Everyone on eir team has stats 5,5,5,3. Klodistan: Eir team is as follows:


McNally: At the start of the event, a 2DICE4 is rolled for each of the ten contestants, with each one getting stats of N,N,N,N where N is the result of eir diceroll.


EH vs. Klodstand Blonomic vs. McNally

Sign ups




-Hix 20:38, 22 Jan 2007 (GMT)

-Spikebrennan 14:26, 24 Jan 2007 (GMT)

-Alethiophile 04:10, 26 Jan 2007 (GMT)

Chin: 6,5,4,5 Pie: 5,5,5,4 Doremi: 9,6,5,5 Hix: 3,3,3,5 Spike: 6,5,5,8 Alethiophile: 4,4,4,4 CluckyA: 4,5,5,5 CluckyB: 4,5,5,5 CluckyC: 4,5,5,5 CluckyD: 4,5,5,5

Total strength: 49 = a 4DICE10 roll

26: EH: 8DICE10:38 8DICE10:34 8DICE10:57 8DICE10:37 8DICE10:40 8DICE10:47 8DICE10:55 8DICE10:54 8DICE10:46 8DICE10:50
22: Klod: 2DICE10:9 3DICE10:11 4DICE10:25 6DICE10:45 6DICE10:38 7DICE10:47 8DICE10:35 9DICE10:58 10DICE10:49 10DICE10:60 12DICE10:45
26: EH: 8DICE10:33 8DICE10:49 8DICE10:37 8DICE10:45 8DICE10:44 8DICE10:45 8DICE10:49 8DICE10:42 8DICE10:27 8DICE10:42
48.75: klod: 4DICE10:23 6DICE10:35 6DICE10:35 7DICE10:42 8DICE10:47 9DICE10:50 10DICE10:46 10DICE10:49 12DICE10:57
17: EH: 8DICE10:43 8DICE10:33 8DICE10:43 8DICE10:37 8DICE10:36 8DICE10:36 8DICE10:35 8DICE10:48 8DICE10:59 8DICE10:35
25: Klod: 10DICE10:54 10DICE10:59 12DICE10:63

Blog: 4DICE10:18 McNally: 6DICE10:27 8DICE10:50 8DICE10:44 10DICE10:59 6DICE10:29 4DICE10:26 10DICE10:58 4DICE10:21 14DICE10:68 10DICE10:75
McNally 4DICE10:16 Blog 9DICE10:53 9DICE10:35 10DICE10:56 8DICE10:47 13DICE10:66 8DICE10:43 10DICE10:50 10DICE10:45 10DICE10:57 10DICE10:56
Blog: 4DICE10:21 McNally: 6DICE10:38 8DICE10:36 8DICE10:42 10DICE10:56 6DICE10:24 4DICE10:30 10DICE10:46 4DICE10:8 14DICE10:87 10DICE10:77
McNally 4DICE10:19 Blog 9DICE10:55 9DICE10:51 10DICE10:56 8DICE10:74 13DICE10:74 8DICE10:47 10DICE10:69 10DICE10:61 10DICE10:42 10DICE10:68
Blog: 4DICE10:27.78 McNally: 6DICE10:26 8DICE10:38 8DICE10:40 10DICE10:62 6DICE10:41 4DICE10:21 10DICE10:50 14DICE10:80 10DICE10:42
McNally 4DICE10:11 Blog 9DICE10:54 9DICE10:52 10DICE10:50 8DICE10:26 13DICE10:61 8DICE10:34 10DICE10:49 10DICE10:52 10DICE10:75 10DICE10:52
Blog: 4DICE10:30 McNally: 6DICE10:37 8DICE10:36 8DICE10:39 10DICE10:67 6DICE10:35 10DICE10:56 14DICE10:74 10DICE10:54
McNally 4DICE10:28 Blog 9DICE10:52 9DICE10:48 10DICE10:65 8DICE10:55 13DICE10:78 8DICE10:55 10DICE10:55 10DICE10:54 10DICE10:58 10DICE10:36
Blog: 4DICE10:28.75 McNally: 6DICE10:20 8DICE10:37 8DICE10:47 10DICE10:55 6DICE10:30 10DICE10:74 14DICE10:79 10DICE10:42
McNally 4DICE10:21 Blog 9DICE10:56 9DICE10:61 10DICE10:59 8DICE10:51 13DICE10:76 8DICE10:33 10DICE10:65 10DICE10:68 10DICE10:49 10DICE10:49
Blog: 4DICE10:38.5 McNally: 8DICE10:49 8DICE10:49 10DICE10:68 6DICE10:40 10DICE10:72 14DICE10:70 10DICE10:47
McNally 4DICE10:19 Blog 9DICE10:59 9DICE10:47 10DICE10:50 8DICE10:43 13DICE10:65 8DICE10:64 10DICE10:55 10DICE10:57 10DICE10:58 10DICE10:49
Blog: 4DICE10:34.28 McNally: 8DICE10:41 8DICE10:44 10DICE10:35 6DICE10:37 10DICE10:56 14DICE10:75 10DICE10:55
McNally 4DICE10:15 Blog 9DICE10:42 9DICE10:67 10DICE10:57 8DICE10:48 13DICE10:78 8DICE10:55 10DICE10:58 10DICE10:61 10DICE10:53 10DICE10:54Blog: Blog: 4DICE10:42.8 McNally: 8DICE10:38 8DICE10:51 10DICE10:47 6DICE10:18 10DICE10:58 14DICE10:94 10DICE10:61
McNally 5DICE10:19 Blog 9DICE10:64 9DICE10:54 10DICE10:43 8DICE10:46 13DICE10:63 8DICE10:35 10DICE10:55 10DICE10:60 10DICE10:66 10DICE10:65
Blog: 4DICE10:52 McNally: 8DICE10:50 10DICE10:65 10DICE10:64 14DICE10:54 10DICE10:54
McNally 5DICE10:33 Blog 9DICE10:53 9DICE10:49 10DICE10:40 8DICE10:46 13DICE10:66 8DICE10:40 10DICE10:61 10DICE10:53 10DICE10:59 10DICE10:59
Blog: 4DICE10:42.5 McNally: 10DICE10:52 10DICE10:55 14DICE10:78 10DICE10:44
McNally 5DICE10:27 Blog 9DICE10:48 9DICE10:57 10DICE10:52 8DICE10:48 13DICE10:67 8DICE10:60 10DICE10:57 10DICE10:55 10DICE10:63 10DICE10:33
Blog: 4DICE10:55 McNally: 10DICE10:29 10DICE10:59 14DICE10:61 10DICE10:49
McNally 6DICE10:38 Blog 9DICE10:46 9DICE10:53 10DICE10:56 8DICE10:29 13DICE10:70 8DICE10:40 10DICE10:51 10DICE10:42 10DICE10:56 10DICE10:44
Blog: 4DICE10:110 McNally: 10DICE10:60 14DICE10:94

EH: 5DICE10:29; McNally: 6DICE10:41 8DICE10:57 8DCIE10:44 10DICE10:73 6DICE10:42 '4DICE10:19' 10DICE10:56 '4DICE10:11' 14DICE10:68 10DICE10:34
McNally: 4DICE10:18; EH: '2DICE10:16' 3DICE10:19 4DICE10:29 6DICE10:29 6DICE10:34 7DICE10:48 8DICE10:49 10DICE10:52 10DICE10:39 12DICE10:71
EH: 5DICE10:37.5; McNally: '6DICE10:19' 8DICE10:48 '8DCIE10:28' 10DICE10:69 '6DICE10:24' 10DICE10:63 14DICE10:68 10DICE10:62
McNally: 5DICE10:32.2; EH: '3DICE10:17' '4DICE10:18' '6DICE10:20' 6DICE10:34 7DICE10:45 8DICE10:58 10DICE10:46 10DICE10:50 12DICE10:60
EH: 3DICE10:42; McNally: 8DICE10:50 10DICE10:52 10DICE10:55 14DICE10:62 '10DICE10:40'
McNally: 5DICE10:40; EH: '6DICE10:32' '7DICE10:33' 8DICE10:42 10DICE10:76 10DICE10:64 12DICE10:66
EH: 2DICE10:37.5; McNally: 8DICE10:48 10DICE10:57 10DICE10:58 14DICE10:99
McNally: 5DICE10:52.5; EH: '8DICE10:30' '10DICE10:59' '10DICE10:45' 12DICE10:65
EH: 1DICE10:10; McNally: 8DICE10:41 10DICE10:47 10DICE10:55 14DICE10:80
McNally: 5DICE10:300; EH: '12DICE10:65'

Blog: 4DICE10:16 EH: 8DICE10:41 8DICE10:29 8DICE10:47 8DICE10:39 8DICE10:45 8DICE10:44 8DICE10:47 8DICE10:53 8DICE10:44 8DICE10:35
EH: 5DICE10:26 Blog 9DICE10:40 9DICE10:46 10DICE10:46 8DICE10:39 13DICE10:71 8DICE10:35 10DICE10:44 10DICE10:47 10DICE10:69 10DICE10:67
Blog: 4DICE10:27 EH: 8DICE10:40 8DICE10:37 8DICE10:29 8DICE10:48 8DICE10:37 8DICE10:36 8DICE10:40 8DICE10:38 8DICE10:50 8DICE10:49
ExH 5DICE10:37 Blog 9DICE10:40 9DICE10:49 10DICE10:53 8DICE10:49 13DICE10:80 8DICE10:44 10DICE10:72 10DICE10:57 10DICE10:52 10DICE10:61 
Blog: 4DICE10:23 EH: 8DICE10:32 8DICE10:30 8DICE10:55 8DICE10:44 8DICE10:50 8DICE10:38 8DICE10:45 8DICE10:54 8DICE10:42 8DICE10:47
ExH 5DICE10:24 Blog 9DICE10:60 9DICE10:51 10DICE10:50 8DICE10:32 13DICE10:88 8DICE10:50 10DICE10:51 10DICE10:53 10DICE10:43 10DICE10:55
Blog: 4DICE10:15 EH: 8DICE10:51 8DICE10:35 8DICE10:45 8DICE10:44 8DICE10:49 8DICE10:33 8DICE10:40 8DICE10:44 8DICE10:51 8DICE10:59
ExH 5DICE10:22 Blog 9DICE10:56 9DICE10:49 10DICE10:51 8DICE10:42 13DICE10:75 8DICE10:40 10DICE10:53 10DICE10:69 10DICE10:50 10DICE10:54
Blog: 4DICE10:25 EH: 8DICE10:36 8DICE10:48 8DICE10:41 8DICE10:39 8DICE10:46 8DICE10:44 8DICE10:31 8DICE10:45 8DICE10:44 8DICE10:41
Exh 5DICE10:25 Blog 9DICE10:49 9DICE10:43 10DICE10:58 8DICE10:43 13DICE10:58 8DICE10:39 10DICE10:51 10DICE10:48 10DICE10:62 10DICE10:52
Blog: 4DICE10:20 EH: 8DICE10:51 8DICE10:46 8DICE10:39 8DICE10:47 8DICE10:64 8DICE10:45 8DICE10:43 8DICE10:56 8DICE10:47 8DICE10:51
Exh 5DICE10:28 Blog 9DICE10:50 9DICE10:52 10DICE10:51 8DICE10:38 13DICE10:73 8DICE10:54 10DICE10:53 10DICE10:50 10DICE10:51 10DICE10:41
Blog: 4DICE10:22 EH: 8DICE10:57 8DICE10:47 8DICE10:49 8DICE10:43 8DICE10:51 8DICE10:49 8DICE10:44 8DICE10:29 8DICE10:49 8DICE10:60
Exh 5DICE10:28 Blog 9DICE10:59 9DICE10:76 10DICE10:63 8DICE10:50 13DICE10:69 8DICE10:58 10DICE10:55 10DICE10:55 10DICE10:55 10DICE10:54
Blog: 4DICE10:32 EH: 8DICE10:46 8DICE10:49 '8DICE10:31' 8DICE10:44 8DICE10:38 8DICE10:40 8DICE10:53 8DICE10:44 8DICE10:51 8DICE10:52
Exh 5DICE10:24 Blog 9DICE10:49 9DICE10:60 10DICE10:46 8DICE10:42 13DICE10:74 8DICE10:37 10DICE10:54 10DICE10:56 10DICE10:50 10DICE10:58
Blog: 4DICE10:18.8 EH: 8DICE10:50 8DICE10:53 8DICE10:37 8DICE10:35 8DICE10:40 8DICE10:44 8DICE10:33 8DICE10:44 8DICE10:54
ExH 5DICE10:36 Blog '9DICE10:34' 9DICE10:49 10DICE10:43 8DICE10:39 13DICE10:63 8DICE10:44 10DICE10:43 10DICE10:56 10DICE10:59 10DICE10:51
Blog: 4DICE10:37.7 EH: 8DICE10:39 8DICE10:46 '8DICE10:28' 8DICE10:42 8DICE10:51 8DICE10:53 8DICE10:40 8DICE10:39 '8DICE10:30'
ExH 5DICE10:28.8 Blog 9DICE10:45 10DICE10:57 8DICE10:46 13DICE10:87 8DICE10:56 10DICE10:51 10DICE10:53 10DICE10:56 10DICE10:48
Blog: 4DICE10:21.4 EH: 8DICE10:38 8DICE10:33 8DICE10:39 8DICE10:32 8DICE10:37 8DICE10:47 8DICE10:38
ExH 5DICE10:26.6 Blog 9DICE10:44 10DICE10:65 8DICE10:48 13DICE10:79 8DICE10:45 10DICE10:38 10DICE10:47 10DICE10:46 10DICE10:49
Blog: 4DICE10:27.1 EH: 8DICE10:39 8DICE10:43 '8DICE10:21' 8DICE10:44 8DICE10:62 8DICE10:48 8DICE10:38
ExH 5DICE10:32.2 Blog 9DICE10:52 10DICE10:56 8DICE10:34 13DICE10:77 8DICE10:55 10DICE10:53 10DICE10:46 10DICE10:44 10DICE10:54
Blog: 4DICE10:28.3 EH: 8DICE10:38 8DICE10:49 8DICE10:52 8DICE10:31 8DICE10:32 8DICE10:38
ExH 5DICE10:22.2 Blog 9DICE10:50 10DICE10:60 8DICE10:34 13DICE10:81 8DICE10:42 10DICE10:41 10DICE10:61 10DICE10:58 10DICE10:59
Blog: 4DICE10:38.3 EH: '8DICE10:38' '8DICE10:36' 8DICE10:47 8DICE10:48 8DICE10:47 8DICE10:48
ExH 5DICE10:25.5 Blog 9DICE10:38 10DICE10:56 8DICE10:38 13DICE10:77 8DICE10:47 10DICE10:61 10DICE10:70 10DICE10:48 10DICE10:58
Blog: 4DICE10:55 EH: '8DICE10:40' '8DICE10:59' 8DICE10:44 '8DICE10:35'
ExH 5DICE10:25.5 Blog 9DICE10:54 10DICE10:51 8DICE10:50 13DICE10:61 8DICE10:40 10DICE10:39 10DICE10:55 10DICE10:62 10DICE10:56
Blog: 4DICE10:230 EH: 8DICE10:41


  • GOLD: Blognomic
  • SILVER: Excalibur Homeland
  • BRONZE: McNally