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Go stones.png This page was gamestate during The Fourth Metadynasty. It is being kept for archival purposes and is not part of the current BlogNomic game.

People’s Republic of Mic

MIC may be known as the ‘People’s Republic of Mic’.

The Official Arms of the People’s Republic of Mic are located at the following URL: [1]

The Official Flag of the People’s Republic of Mic is located at the following URL: [2]

The Party

WHEREAS all good factions need Government;
WHEREAS communism is the fairest form of Government;
THEREFORE The People’s Republic of Mic shall be governed by The Party.


WHEREAS all governments need organization;
WHEREAS organization requires that individuals perform duties beyond those of The People;
THEREFORE there exists the positions of Vizier of Propaganda, the Vizier of Issues and the Chairman.

WHEREAS confusion begets distrust;
WHEREAS knowledge of The Party’s government will lower the potential for Confusion;
THEREFORE there is a value “Position” tracked in the GDNT, each Citizen shall have the Position of Citizen, unless they are one of the members of The Party’s Organization, in which case they may change their Position to reflect their title within the Party.


WHEREAS it is time consuming to poll all of The People;
WHEREAS The Will of The People is embodied in the Chairman;
THEREFORE the Chairman may, at anytime, give, or revoke the titles of Vizier of Propaganda and Vizier of Issues to any Citizen of MIC. No more than one Citizen of MIC may hold of these positions. If at any time more than either position is held by more than one Citizen of MIC, All Citizens that share the same positions shall immediately lose these positions.
THEREFORE the Chairman may, at any time, resign their position and appoint another Citizen of MIC as the Chairman. Should the Chairman leave the People’s Republic of Mic without resigning their position and appointing another Citizen of MIC as the Chairman, that Citizen automatically ceases to be the Chairman, the Citizen of MIC whose name comes next in alphabetical order becomes the new Chairman. If the Chairman was last alphabetically, the new Chairman will be the Citizen of MIC whose name comes first in alphabetical order. If no such citizen exists, the position of Chairman will not be held by any Citizen.

Vizier of Propaganda

WHEREAS it is important to ensure that infromation is properly disseminated;
WHEREAS control cannot be maintened without supervision;
THEREFORE the Vizier of Propaganda is given the express power to proclaim a proposal “Loyal” or “Disloyal” concerning the People.

Vizier of Issues

WHEREAS there are times when the good of The People is not obvious to The People;
WHEREAS the Vizier of Issues is trained to foretell such;
THEREFORE the Vizier of Issues may VETO any proposal deemed Disloyal by the Vizier of Propaganda.


WHEREAS a leaderless government is weak;
WHEREAS weakness leads to strife;
THEREFORE a Chairman must be Elected
Any time three or more citizens of MIC exist but no citizens hold the position of Chairman and no elections for the Chairman are currently in progress, any citizen of MIC may create a post with the title “[MIC] [number] election for the Chairman of the People’s Republic of MIC” where [number] shall be replaced an ordinal number equal to the number of the previous election plus one. If no such elections exist, [number] shall be replaced by First.

Needless Bureaucracy

WHEREAS the Government of the People’s Republic of MIC knows that it is best to avoid confusion concerning rules;
WHEREAS structure provides a means to avoid confusion;
THEREFORE all proposals pertaining to the MIC ruleset must comply to the regulations of the subrules of “Needless Bureaucracy” or be considered illegal and failed immediately.

Proper Reasoning

WHEREAS the intent of a rule can be unclear from the specific wording;
WHEREAS a misunderstanding of the rules can lead to strife;
THEREFORE all proposed rules must include a proper explanation for why such a rule is needed, and what the rule is designed to acheive.

Proper References

WHEREAS it is oftentimes confusing which rule a Citizen is refering to;
WHEREAS said confusion can be eliminated by proper reference;
THEREFOR any reference to the rules of the MIC ruleset within the Ruleset, or within a MIC proposal, must include the full rule name and number, as well as any rules of which that rule is a subrule of.

Reference Exceptions

WHEREAS at times a rule must be referenced before it has been added to the ruleset;
WHEREAS in such times, a proposal should not be needlessly failed;
THEREFORE if a proposal refers to a rule that was not added to the ruleset at the time the proposal was posted, it need not refer to the rule number, or parent rules of the rule to which it refers, as specified in rule 3.2 Proper References, sub-rule of rule 3 Needless Bureaucracy, Rule of the MIC ruleset.

Relic Control

WHEREAS the MIC relic is valuable to The People;
WHEREAS the Chairman is the most trustworthy of the people;
THEREFORE the Chairman may, as a daily action, grant ownership of the Relic M to any other Citizen, regardless of who currently owns the Relic, subject to the restrictions below.

Righteous Relic Retention

WHEREAS the value of the MIC Relic to the people has been established;
WHEREAS things of value should not be lightly taken from a loyal Citizen once granted;
THEREFORE the Chairman may not grant ownership of the Relic M to any Citizen if it is currently in the possession of another Citizen who has been deemed “Loyal”.


WHEREAS the chairman is the most wise among us;
WHEREAS the Stylist is the most wise among the BLO;
THEREFORE we must share our wisdom.

Any subrules of this rule have no effect unless they also exist in another factions ruleset.

A leader’s vote between BLO and MIC

The Chairman of MIC and the Stylist of BLO have a vote in BLO proposals and MIC proposals respectively. They may be referred to as ambassadors but only in the context of them voting in the other faction (the BLO faction for the Chairman and the MIC faction for the Stylist). Ambassadors are not considered idle in the other faction for the purposes of voting only.

Class Structure

WHEREAS each citizen is more than simply a citizen;
WHEREAS it is important for other citizen’s to acknowledge their fellow citizen’s stance with the People;
THEREFOR there exists a field in the GDNT called “Class” which tracks the current status of a Citizen within the People. As a Daily Action a Citizen may change any other Citizen’s (but not their own) class to any of the classes listed in sub-rules of this rule, as long as that citizen meets the requirements for that class, as explained within the rule.


WHEREAS a Citizen may show themselves to be especially loyal to the People;
WHEREAS a Citizen should be recognized if they show themselves thus;
THEREFOR a Citizen’s Class may be set to Loyal if, within the last 24 hours a proposal which that citizen was the Author of which was also deemed loyal by the Vizier of Propaganda, per rule 2.1.2 Vizier of Propaganda, sub-rule of rule 2.1 Organization sub-rule of rule 2 The Party, rule of the MIC ruleset, was passed.


WHEREAS a Citizen may show themselves to be a non-contributing member of the People;
WHEREAS such non-contributors may be punished;
THEREFOR a Citizen’s Class may be set to Disloyal if that Citizens has not authored a MIC faction proposal within the last 4 days.


WHEREAS a Citizen may simply be a mere member of the People;
THEREFOR a Citizen’s Class may be set to Mere if that citizen’s Class has not been changed within the last 2 days.

Current Chairman

WHEREAS the Chairman cannot by his very nature be disloyal;
WHEREAS it would be redundant to mention the Chairman’s loyalty;
THEREFORE the class of the Chairman is always “Chairman”.

Retiring Chairman

WHEREAS a Chairman who retires honorably should be recognized for his service;
WHEREAS the loyalty of the Chairman does not change merely because he chooses to retire;
THEREFORE should the Chairman retire while remaining a Citizen of MIC, his class must be immediately changed to from “Chairman” to “Loyal”.

The Will of The People

WHEREAS at times the people will be unified in their decisisions;
WHEREAS the will of the people is represented by the Chairman and his Viziers;
THEREFOR if a proposal has reached a quorum of votes and the Chairman and at least one of his Vizier’s has voted on the proposal, and cast the same vote, that proposal may be immediately enacted or failed, regardless of it’s position in the queue.
THEREFOR if a proposal has been voted on by the Chairman and BOTH of his Vizier’s, and all three have voted the same, that proposal may be immediately enacted, regardless of it’s position in the queue.

Distribution of Wealth

WHEREAS the strength of the faction is affected by the wealth of the people; and
WHEREAS it is important for the party to monitor the strength of the faction;
THEREFORE the wealth of the people, as measured by its Magic Dust, is subject to rule by the Party, as detailed in the subrules of this rule.


WHEREAS it is wrong for any citizen to horde wealth in great excess of his fellow citizens; and
WHEREAS the Chairman is empowered and required to see to the good of the people; THEREFORE as a weekly action, the Chairman may call for a Nationalization of Wealth by making a story post with "Nationalization" as the first word of the title. When he does so, he must then take the total of the Magic Dust currently possessed by MIC Citizens (including himself and the Viziers) and divide by the number of Citizens. The whole number result is the new Magic Dust total of all Citizens. Any remainder is then allocated at his discretion among the Loyal citizens, if any. If there are no Loyal citizens, he may keep the remainder for his service to the People.

Merit Reward

WHEREAS the work of the people creates new wealth; and
WHEREAS the wealth of the faction is the wealth of the People;
THEREFORE as a weekly action, the Chairman may declare a Merit Reward by making a story post with "Merit Reward" as the first words of the title. When he does so, each Mere Citizen may claim 2 Magic Dust, each Loyal Citizen may claim 4 Magic Dust, and the Chairman and Viziers may claim 6 Magic Dust by adding that amount to their Magic Dust total.

MIC Oath of Fealty

We recognize the authority of the Holy Gnomish Empire as guaranteed by Yoda and willingly submit the GNO Faction’s wise and benevolent government. To allow more effective governance, GNO Faction proposals may modify MIC Faction Ruleset and Gamestate, and the Supreme Being may vote on and veto MIC Faction proposals.