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BlogNomic is a Nomic run as a communal weblog, that started in January 2003. Proposals are made as timestamped posts to the BlogNomic blog, with votes made as comments on those posts, and the ruleset stored here on the wiki. With nobody really being "in charge" or having a rigidly critical role within the game, BlogNomic has proven to be distributed and dynamic enough to survive the usual swathes of apathy and absence.

BlogNomic is played over a number of themed, pseudo-Imperial rounds (or "dynasties") - the winner of each dynasty gets to be the "Emperor" figure for the next one; they're allowed to choose the theme for it, and are regarded as its caretaker, with the power to veto proposals during that round.

Current Game Documents

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Dynastic History

  1. Round One - Pre-Dynasty
  2. The First Dynasty of Myke - The Kingdom Dynasty
  3. The First Dynasty of Lyndse - The Robin Hood Dynasty
  4. The First Dynasty of Geran / The Second Dynasty of Myke - The Agricultural Dynasty
  5. The First Dynasty of Kevan - The Orwellian Dynasty
  6. The First Dynasty of Anthony - The Mad Emperor Dynasty
  7. The First Dynasty of est - The Robot Factory Dynasty
  8. The Second Dynasty of Kevan - The Moreau Dynasty
  9. The First Dynasty of Damanor - The Galactic Dynasty
  10. The Third Dynasty of Kevan - The Thing Dynasty
  11. The First Dynasty of Cayvie - The Elemental Dynasty
  12. The First Dynasty of Joranj - The Mob Dynasty
  13. The First Dynasty of Keitalia - The Superhero Dynasty
  14. The First Dynasty of SatyrEyes - The Odyssey Dynasty
  15. The First Metadynasty - The Hat Meta-Dynasty
  16. The Second Dynasty of Cayvie - The Crashed Spaceship Dynasty
  17. The First Dynasty of Brendan - The Office Dynasty
  18. The Fourth Dynasty of Kevan - The Petri-Dish Dynasty
  19. The First Dynasty of Knightking - The Warlord Dynasty
  20. The First Dynasty of Chronos Phaenon - The Democratic Dynasty
  21. The First Dynasty of TrumanCapote - The Family Dynasty
  22. The Second Dynasty of Knightking - The Zombie Dynasty
  23. The First Dynasty of Quazie - The Muffin Dynasty
  24. The First Dynasty of Simon - The Surfer Dynasty
  25. The First Dynasty of AngryGrasshopper - The Spaceship Dynasty
  26. The First Dynasty of Rodney - The Illuminati Dynasty
  27. The First Dynasty of Aaron - The Athenian Dynasty
  28. The Second Dynasty of Josh - The Gaming Dynasty
  29. The Second Metadynasty - The Switch Dynasty
  30. The Second Dynasty of Chronos Phaenon - The Hegemonic Dynasty
  31. The First Dynasty of Excalabur - The Deity Dynasty
  32. The Second Dynasty of Excalabur - The Schizophrenic Dynasty
  33. The First Dynasty of 75th Trombone - The Text Adventure Dynasty
  34. The First Dynasty of Elias IX - The Pirate Dynasty
  35. The Third Metadynasty - The Gostak Metadynasty
  36. The Second Dynasty of Angry Grasshopper - The Monastic Murder Mystery Dynasty
  37. The First Dynasty of Hix - The Time Travelling Dynasty
  38. The First Dynasty of Thelonious - The Musical Dynasty
  39. The Second Dynasty of Elias IX - The Vegetable Dynasty
  40. The Second Dynasty of Rodney - The Miskatonic Dynasty
  41. The First Dynasty of Clucky - The Olympic Dynasty
  42. The First Dynasty of Doremi - The Hollywood Dynasty
  43. The Third Dynasty of Chronos Phaenon - The Iudex Dynasty
  44. The First Dynasty of Amnistar - The Secret Agent Dynasty
  45. The Second Dynasty of Clucky - The Spore Dynasty
  46. The Second Dynasty of Amnistar - The Goldberg Factory Dynasty
  47. The First Dynasty of Bucky - The Corporate Dynasty
  48. The Third Dynasty of Clucky - The Monkey Dynasty
  49. The Third Dynasty of Josh - The Kaiju Dynasty
  50. The Fifth Dynasty of Kevan - The Werewolf Dynasty
  51. The Second Dynasty of Hix - The Valkyrie Dynasty
  52. The First Dynasty of spikebrennan - The Wild West Poker Dynasty
  53. The First Dynasty of Jack - The Pirate vs Ninja Dynasty
  54. The First Dynasty of Purplebeard - The Evil Dynasty
  55. The First Dynasty of Rodlen - The Multi-Dimensional (and still evil) Dynasty
  56. The First Dynasty of Yoda - The RPG Dynasty
  57. The Third Dynasty of Amnistar - The Political Dynasty
  58. The First Dynasty of Darknight - The Dragon Dynasty
  59. The Second Dynasty of Bucky - The Barbarian Dynasty
  60. The Second Dynasty of Yoda - The Deja Vu Dynasty
  61. The Fourth Metadynasty - The First Metadynasty of Rodlen/The WTF Metadynasty/The Blo vs Gno vs Mic Metadynasty
  62. The First Dynasty of arthexis - The Guess the Theme Dynasty/The Gourmet Drag Racing on Mars Dynasty
  63. The Fourth Dynasty of Amnistar - The Military Dynasty
  64. The First Dynasty of Devenger - The Movie Body Count Dynasty
  65. The First Dynasty of ais523 - The Reality TV Dynasty
  66. The First Dynasty of yuri_dragon_17 - The Caribbean Vacation Dynasty
  67. The First Dynasty of Qwazukee - The Groundhog Day Dynasty
  68. The First Dynasty of Darth Cliche - The Post-Apocalyptic Dynasty
  69. The Fifth Metadynasty - The Original Game of Nomic Metadynasty
  70. The Third Dynasty of Bucky - The Runic Dynasty
  71. The First Dynasty of Wakukee - The Djinn Djinasty
  72. The Sixth Dynasty of Kevan - The Mansion Murder Dynasty
  73. The Second Dynasty of ais523 - The Steampunk Dynasty
  74. The Fourth Dynasty of Josh - The April Fools Dynasty
  75. The Second Dynasty of Purplebeard - The Mining Camp Dynasty
  76. The Third Dynasty of ais523 - The Election Dynasty
  77. The Second Dynasty of Ienpw III - The Undefined Term Dynasty
  78. The Second Dynasty of Darth Cliche - The NetHack Dynasty
  79. The First Dynasty of lilomar - The Paranoia Dynasty
  80. The First Dynasty of coppro - The Futurama Dynasty
  81. The Fourth Dynasty of ais523 - The IQ Dynasty
  82. The Seventh Dynasty of Kevan - The Cold War Spy Dynasty
  83. The Second Dynasty of Brendan - The School of Witchcraft Dynasty
  84. The First Dynasty of Alecto - The Roman Gods Dynasty
  85. The Fifth Dynasty of Josh - The LEGO® Dynasty
  86. The Fourth Dynasty of Clucky - The Ant Dynasty
  87. The Third Dynasty of Purplebeard - The Prehistoric Dynasty
  88. The Eighth Dynasty of Kevan - The Mornington Crescent Dynasty
  89. The Fifth Dynasty of ais523 - The Sheep Dynasty
  90. The Fourth Dynasty of Purplebeard - The Stock Market Dynasty
  91. The Third Dynasty of Yoda - The Plants vs Zombies Dynasty
  92. The Fourth Dynasty of Bucky - The ClingBoom Arena Dynasty
  93. The Ninth Dynasty of Kevan - The Lifeboat Dynasty
  94. The First Dynasty of Bateleur - The Art Dynasty
  95. The Sixth Metadynasty - The Today's Economy Dynasty
  96. The Second Dynasty of coppro - The Taxicab Dynasty
  97. The Sixth Dynasty of ais523 - The Petty Crime Dynasty
  98. The First Dynasty of Cpt_Koen - The Band Dynasty
  99. The First Dynasty of southpointingchariot - The Ansible Dynasty
  100. The Sixth Dynasty of Josh - The Visiting the Past Dynasty
  101. The Third Machine of scshunt - The Factory Machine Dynasty
  102. The First Dynasty of Quirck - The Manul Dynasty
  103. The Fifth Dynasty of Clucky - The Pie Dynasty
  104. The Fifth Dynasty of Bucky - The Nomic School Dynasty
  105. The Tenth Dynasty of Kevan - The Newspaper Dynasty
  106. The Seventh Dynasty of Josh - The Heist Dynasty
  107. The Eleventh Dynasty of Kevan - The Doomsday Cult Dynasty
  108. The Fourth Dynasty of scshunt - The Dynasty of the Commons
  109. The First Dynasty of RaichuKFM - The Interstellar Fleet Dynasty
  110. The First Dynasty of Larrytheturtle - The Noble Families Dynasty
  111. The First Dynasty of Skju - The Principia Blognomica Dynasty
  112. The Seventh Metadynasty
  113. The Fifth Dynasty of Purplebeard - The Magical Apprentice Dynasty
  114. The First Dynasty of Spitemaster - The Government Shutdown Dynasty
  115. The Eighth Dynasty of Josh - The Despot Dynasty
  116. The Second Dynasty of RaichuKFM - The Marooned Dynasty
  117. The First Dynasty of the Alien - The Alien NPC Dynasty
  118. The First Dynasty of Benzene - The Chemistry Dynasty
  119. The Third Dynasty of RaichuKFM - The Chivalric Dynasty
  120. The Sixth Dynasty of Purplebeard - The Assassin Dynasty
  121. The Twelfth Dynasty of Kevan - The Attic Clearance Dynasty
  122. The First Dynasty of Ayesdeeef - The Soccer Dynasty


Older Core Game Documents

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Proposed Core Game Documents Substitutes

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