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Map of Habitat

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Eve Hanna
Hunger: 1
Restlessness: 1
Curiosity: 2
Procreation Drive: 0
Satisfaction: 1
Hunger: 0
Restlessness: 0
Curiosity: 1
Procreation Drive: 0
Satisfaction: 5
Egg Clusters
# Location Mother Fathers Stage Name
1 B3 Cuddlebeam Destroyed
2 D3 Cuddlebeam Unfertilized
3 D3 card derrick (2) Oracular rufio [1] pokes [1] Mature Cardok3
4 D3 pokes Unfertilized
5 D3 Oracular rufio pokes [2] Unfertilized
6 E2 pokes Unfertilized
1 Foggy Location T, v
The Black Vent
A, r
The Purple Reef
A, r
The Indigo Reef
Card's Brine Pool
Foggy Location Foggy Location
2 Foggy Location T, v
Devil's Vent
T, v
The Great Vent
p, M
Brine Pool of Gratitude
[egg 6]
Skeleton of Plenty
BG,S, o, [Hanna]
pokes' Large Rock Outcropping
Foggy Location
3 BG, s
Orkboi's Skeleton
p, M
[egg 1]
Brine Pool of Calm
T, v
The Green Vent
c, M3
[eggs 2, 4, 5]
The Great Crevice
p, M
little Brine Pool
p, M
Brine Pool of Activity
Foggy Location
4 T, v
Vent of Turbulence
S, S, o
Card's Large Rock Outcropping
A, r
Cuddlebeam's Reef
Sea Of Eden
A, r
The Red Reef
A, r
Reef of Solitude
Foggy Location
5 Foggy Location BG, s
Devil's Skeleton
S, o
little Large Rock Outcropping
BG, E, c
Crevice of Pendantry
The White Skeleton
A, r
Reef of Pedantry
Foggy Location
6 Foggy Location Foggy Location S, o
The Wide Large Rock Outcropping
M, p
Brine Pool of Hope
E, c
The Grey Crevice
E, c
The Black Crevice
Foggy Location
7 Foggy Location Foggy Location E, c
Devil's Crevice
M, p
Cuddlebeam's Brine Pool
BG, s
Skeleton of Hunger
Foggy Location Foggy Location