Mission: Crime doesn't pay

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Go stones.png This page was gamestate during The First Dynasty of Amnistar. It is being kept for archival purposes and is not part of the current BlogNomic game.

Mission Description: A master criminal known only as the "Dark Avenger" has been stealing priceless treasures of history from various private collections. The owners of these collections would pay quite well to get these items back, and we know that his contact lives in Frankfurt (FRA).

Mission Goals: This mission may only be completed once. This mission has 2 parts, first, the Agent must travel to FRA and interogate the contact. An Agent may spend up to 10 tickets (of any type(s)) in this interogation. For each ticket that e spends there is a 10% chance that the interrogation will be successful. The Mastermind will make a dice roll of 100 outside of the Blognomic Site (to prevent knowledge of success or failure) and provide the Agent with the correct location of the "Dark Avenger" if the interogation is successful, or a false location if the interogation is not. An Agent that arrives at a location given by the contact will either complete the mission (if the contact spoke truthfully) or be forced to start the mission over again (if the contact lied).

Mission Reward: 5 tickets of any type, and a new gadget "Dark Avenger's Gloves" as listed below

Completion Requirements: One Agent has completed this mission

Completed By:

Penalty: N/A

Gadget: Dark Avenger's Gloves

The Agent that possesses this gadget may often perform one of the following:

  • Take 1 ticket from an Agent in the same location as em.
  • Trade this gadget for another gadget possessed by an Agent in the same location as em.
  • Ask the mastermind for a list of all Agents in the same location as em.