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Mission: Fake Passports

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Mission Description: Every Agent needs a fake passport to get into countries that don’t want them there, and for a small fee you can have your own.

Mission Goals: Any Agent may complete this mission only once by arriving at one of the following locations and reducing the number of Land tickets by 3 (and must have at least 3 land tickets)

  • SWI
  • SER

Mission Reward: Gadget: Passport is added to the Agent’s Gadget List.

Completion Requirements:6 Agents have completed this mission.

Completed By: Seebo (3/20), Chronos Phaenon (3/21), Spike'Brennan(3/22), Clucky (3/23), Axeling (3/23), Tiberias (3/26)

Penalty: None

Gadget: Passport

The Agent with this Gadget on eir Gadget List may destroy this gadget (remove it from eir Gadget List) and during eir next move may ignore the effects of the Iron Curtain (may freely move across it)