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Mission: The Great Escape

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Mission Description: You have been arrested by an enemy organization KAOS. Thinking that you were one of CONTROL'S underlings they have since thrown you into a dungeon deep within their territory and you must escape.

Mission Goals: An Agent must send a message to the mastermind when they wish to undertake this mission. At that time the Agent will be capture and their location will be "unknown". The agent will the have to find their location with the following as clues. The agent will recive a message from the Mastermind with the number of possible Land Locations which e can move to (number sequentially with 1 being the closest to north mover around in a clockwise circle). The Agent will then move by stating which direction they wish to move and the mastermind will respond to each move with a new message stating how many moves they can make from that location. An Agent completes this mission when e can state what territory e is in.

Mission Reward: The gadget "Ah, the old <Insert Phrase Here> Gadget.

Completion Requirements: 1 Agent has completed this mission, or 1 month has passed since this Mission was started (the Date is April 28)

Completed By: Clucky (3/28)

Penalty: Penalty occurs if an Agent incorrectly guesses their location, or sends a message to the mastermind saying that e gives up. The Penalty is that the mission is over and the Agent learns where e is, and e loses 3 tickets (of the Agent's choice)

Gadget: Ah, the old <Insert Phrase Here> Gadget!

This gadget may occassionaly be used to change the text below to the text of any other gadget:

The possessor of this gadget may spend 3 land tickets to reduce all other Agent's land tickets by 1.