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(One of the King's esteemed cousins is... a little uncouth. Yes, that's how I'll say it. Yet an extraordinary duelist! His feats with the blade are amazing! It would be... interesting to learn from him, yes? (Also changing the Battle Gallery's item type.))
(Adding Pencilgame.)
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| Ninja                || 2        || -3    ||  The Marble Hall || 1 Item
| Ninja                || 2        || -3    ||  The Marble Hall || 1 Item
| Pencilgame            || 3        || 0    ||  The Marble Hall ||
| Tantusar              || 3        || -7    ||  The Marble Hall ||  
| Tantusar              || 3        || -7    ||  The Marble Hall ||  

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Weighted Power Factor 1.4
Name Prestige Power Location Estate (see estates table)
Brendan 3 4 The Marble Hall 3 Items
Clucky 3 0 The Canals
Darknight 3 -6 The Marble Hall
Farsight 3 0 The Marble Hall
JimothyFromTLTT 3 0 The Marble Hall
Jumble 2 -1 The Marble Hall 1 Item
Kevan 3 -2 The Marble Hall
naught 6 3 The Battle Gallery 4 Items
Ninja 2 -3 The Marble Hall 1 Item
Pencilgame 3 0 The Marble Hall
Tantusar 3 -7 The Marble Hall
TyGuy6 3 0 The Chapel
Estate of Item Description Type:Subtype Impacts Characteristics
Brendan A copy of Sun Tzu’s Art of War translated into Latin Physical:Art Instructive / Instructive
Brendan Management of the toll road between Orleans and Tours Favour of the King Valuable / Instructive
Brendan Instruction in horse riding from the King’s own stablemaster Favour of the King Instructive
naught An Athenian natural realist scene depicting Apollo at Crete Physical:Art Valuable
naught Feast of Ortolan Favour of the King Distracting / Extravagant
Jumble A life-sized nude erotic sculpture of St John the Baptist Physical:Romantic Gift Valuable / Distracting / Unfashionable Obscene
naught Inclusion on the War Council Military Instructive
naught A suite seven feet closer to the bedchambers of the King Favour of the King Valuable / Instructive / Extravagant
Ninja A yodeling masterclass with an unwashed Swiss mystic Physical:Romantic Gift Unfashionable / Distracting Romantic
Ribbon Holder
Letters -
Sword -
Bell -
Robe -
Chancery -
Location Item Type Inspirations
The Garden Physical (Food) 3 items
The Chapel Physical (Furniture)
The Canals Military
The Battle Gallery Physical (Art) 1 item
The Marble Hall Favour of the King
Location Item name Type:Subtype Impacts Characteristics
The Garden An idea for exotic filet mignon Physical:Food Distracting/Extravagant Purple Meat
The Garden An idea for bejeweled delights Physical:Food Valuable/Valuable/Instructive Red Candies
The Garden An idea for colorless wine Physical:Food Unfashionable/Valuable/Instructive Silver Wine
The Battle Gallery An idea for dueling lessons Favour of the King Unfashionable/Unfashionable/Instructive