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Weighted Power Factor 1
Name Prestige Power Location Estate (See Estates Table)
Brendan 3 4 The Marble Hall 3 Items
card 3 0 The Marble Hall
Clucky 3 0 The Canals
Darknight 3 -6 The Marble Hall
The Duke of Waltham 3 0 The Marble Hall
Farsight 3 0 The Marble Hall
Josh 3 0 The Marble Hall
Jumble 3 0 The Marble Hall
Kevan 3 0 The Marble Hall
naught 3 -3 The Garden
Ninja 3 -2 The Marble Hall
Tantusar 3 -3 The Marble Hall
TyGuy6 3 0 The Chapel
Estate of Item Description Type:Subtype Impacts Characteristics
Brendan A copy of Sun Tzu’s Art of War translated into Latin Physical:Art Instructive / Instructive
Brendan Management of the toll road between Orleans and Tours Favour of the King Valuable / Instructive
Brendan Instruction in horse riding from the King’s own stablemaster Favour of the King Instructive
Ribbon Holder
Letters -
Sword -
Bell -
Robe -
Chancery -
Location Item Type Inspirations
The Garden Physical (Food)
The Chapel Physical (Furniture)
The Canals Physical an idea for yodeling lessons (Physical:Romantic Gifts, Unfashionable/Distracting, Romantic)
The Battle Gallery Favour of the King
The Marble Hall Favour of the King