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Go stones.png This page was gamestate during The First Dynasty of Yoda. It is being kept for archival purposes and is not part of the current BlogNomic game.

The Beginning

The Test

One minute, you are sitting comfortably in your homes. The next, you are standing in the middle of a massive circular room with a high vaulted ceiling, stone walls, and cobblestone floors. The walls are riddled with wooden plank doors with metal frames, each inscribed with the name of a different Adventurer. And so the adventure begins...

Visit this post for more about the test. Note: all Adventurers must complete this test before they can take part in the adventure.

Finished Training

You passed the door and entered the training grounds. You just finished your training when you hear a very familiar voice that says, "Well done, you have completed your training. You are now ready to enter the Passageway. Good luck on your quest, dear Adventurer."

A door appeared near where you entered the training grounds. You enter only to find yourself in a small, damp cave with one opening. You suddenly feel something around your neck; it is an amulet with a strange shape and an inscription on the back that is in a strange language that you have never seen before.

Scouting Party

A Scouting Party is sent out to find out where you are. They return, saying that there is a small town of humans nearby who are looking for the lost city of Atlantis.

An authoritative human said that the amulet is an ancient Atlantian artifact. The strange shape is that of the symbol of the god of the Atlantian civilization, and the inscription is in an ancient Atlantian language. The human says that he should be able to translate it, but it will take a few days. He also assured us that the town will be open to us for trade.

On a side note, the Party said that the trees seemed to be acting very strangely...

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The Translation

The authoritative human, whose name is Maverick, finished translating the inscription on the back of the amulet. It says, when translated, "The mid-night sun shall reveal the Guardian's Gate."

The Guardian will, according to Atlantian lore, rise up to challenge the world, but a group of mighty warriors (supposedly us) will also rise up to protect the Earth from the Guardian's wrath.

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The Gate

Tinkergong held up his amulet to the moon, revealing a metal gate. The gate opens.

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Exploring Atlantis

First Adventurers Through

Darknight and Thog volunteered to be the first through the portal. They found that they are in a wooded area just outside a large city and that they are on an island. As they approached the city, they saw small creatures that scattered once they stepped out of the treeline.

They then proceeded to knock on one of the doors. Inside the house, Professor Blithe so calmly informed them that the same prophecy that said the Adventurers would be able to stop the Guardian also said that Atlantis would be destroyed in the process.

Once the Professor calmed down, he showed the two to a relatively large underground cavern with a tunnel that leads to the beach next to the portal.

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Making Contact

Bucky, Thog, and Tinkergong volunteered to try to find out from one of the Atlantians where the Guardian is. They found out that the Guardian lies asleep beneath a great, black tower in the middle of the city, but only those who are wearing the amulet can enter.

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The Final Battle

Thog, Tinkergong, Devetir'iz, Bucky, and Darknight are sent to find the black tower. They find a main street filled with Atlantians all rushing towards something, so they follow the crowd. They stop, but cannot see, so Tinkergong and Devetir'iz fly on ahead (since they are fairies) and Thog lifts up Bucky so he can see.

The fairies get stuck in a massive pool of small creatures, so Thog pushes through the crowd to get to them. Tinkergong tries to fight his way out, but is unsuccessful. Thog then tries to pull the fairies out but instead gets pulled in himself. Bucky then gets the bright idea to just run in kicking and screaming. Amazingly, it works, driving the creatures back. The creatures then form a giant rat that scares away the crowd. Thog leaps into action, crushing the massive creature.

The creatures disperse, revealing the black tower. Professor Blithe runs up and tells them that that was the Guardian and that they were able to defeat it before it destroyed Atlantis. The amulets begin glowing and disappear from Atlantis. The Adventurers suddenly wake up in their beds. Was it really just a dream?...

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