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Improvised Contraption: Discard a Gadget: gain a random Gadget from the database of the same type (Flaw, Passive and Active are the Gadget types).

Itasha: When another Driver targets you in any way they take 5 damage per each alive Driver. This damage can only be blocked by effects that can explicitly block cringe and/or shame.

Keep Your Eyes On The Road: Bid results are shown to only you; other players are only notified of what they won. During combat, only the speed amounts of all Racers will be public; you will recieve a normal Round summary as usual.

Lucky Grapplehook: Spend X, up to once per round: grapple another Racer who has a Speed of X more or less than your own. You gain any Speed they lose this round.

Machiavellian Henchman, Plotting: Sidekick. The MHP has 1 Speed. If the MHP is targeted for an attack or gadget by any Racer then that Racer cannot target any other Racer with an attack or gadget that round. The MHP does 10 unblockable Speed damage to the Racer with the most Speed, unless it is the Racer who owns the MHP, in which case he gives that Racer 10 Speed.

Oil Slick: Burn 5 and choose a slower Racer: If that Racer chose you as the target of any Attacks or Gadgets this round, they have no effect on you.Painted Tracks: Spend 10: Racers who would lose this round instead have their Speed set to 9.

Sarcastic Race Computer: Sidekick. The SRC has 20 Speed and cannot be targeted by other Racers' Attacks. When the SRC and the Racer to whom it belongs attack the same rival Racer, that Racer takes an additional 10 unblockable damage.Sentient Item Box: Sentient Item Box is a sidekick with 35 Speed. At the start of every round, it loses any Gadgets it has, and gains one random Gadget from the archive in private.

Substitute Driver: [When bidding for this, choose another Driver.] You aren’t on the racetrack until that Driver is defeated (you aren’t “in play”. You can’t do anything or be affected by anything else as if you weren’t a Driver yet). You lose if you never enter the racetrack.

Tunnel Paint: Spend 20 and choose a Racer who has no Gadgets: Set that Racer's Speed to zero.

Two-seater Cart: Once per game, choose another Racer: At the end of the round, your Speeds are both increased or decreased to the midpoint between them, rounded up. (This is not damage.) From then on, if one of you wins, you both win.

Round 1 Kevan: 96 Card: 69 Jumble: 68 TyGuy: 44 Cuddlebeam:?

Sentient Item Box: 35 The Sarcastic Race Computer: 20 The Machiavellian Henchman: 1

Round 2 Kevan: 86 (-10) Card: 69 Jumble: 58 (-10) TyGuy: 54 (+10) Cuddlebeam:?

Sentient Item Box: 25 (-10) The Sarcastic Race Computer: 0 (-20) The Machiavellian Henchman: 1