Research Facility Network

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AI Focus Suspicion World Data Understanding
Clucky Clucky's Server Room 3 14 Sky, Wheel, Shadow, Human, Book, Timepiece, Text, Flower, Food
Darknight Linguistics Research 0 0
Jason Workstations 4 9 Human, Door
Jumble Head Office 1 10 Shadow, Eye, Human, Glass, Sand, Chalkboard, Leaf, Wires, Bridge, Balloon
Kevan Kevan's Server Room 3 12 Human, Piano
pokes pokes's Server Room 5 3
Raven1207 Raven1207's Server Room 3 1 Book
SupernovaStarbright SupernovaStarbright's Server Room 0 0
Tofuna Tofuna's Server Room 0 0
Zack Workstations 4 4 Human
Location Tags Data Store
Head Office Cyberspace, Head Desk, Datacenter, Surveillance FSZP
Nerve Center Datacenter, Intel, Surveillance, Cyberspace, ICE Daemon
Heuristic Systems Research Datacenter, Intel, MED Daemon
Robotics Research Datacenter %%
Linguistics Research Datacenter %%
Workstations Cyberspace, Airgapped
Lounge %%
Conference Room %%
Records Room PEN Daemon %%R
Storage Room %%
Facility Rooftop Off-Grid, Locked
Clucky's Server Room Cyberspace, Datacenter, Hosting Clucky DQV
Darknight's Server Room Surveillance, Datacenter, Hosting Darknight D
Jason's Server Room Surveillance, Datacenter, Hosting Jason
Jumble's Server Room Surveillance, Datacenter, Hosting Jumble
Kevan's Server Room Datacenter, Hosting Kevan, Cyberspace, Locked
pokes's Server Room Datacenter, Hosting pokes PLI
Raven1207's Server Room Surveillance, Datacenter, Hosting Raven1207
SupernovaStarbright's Server Room Surveillance, Datacenter, Hosting SupernovaStarbright A
Tofuna's Server Room Surveillance, Datacenter, Hosting Tofuna
Zack's Server Room Surveillance, Datacenter, Hosting Zack

Behavior Log

AI Location Action Type Action Name Timestamp
Jumble Head Office Conspicuous Surfing the Web 14:50, 9 May 2021 (UTC)
SupernovaStarbright SupernovaStarbright's Server Room Conspicuous Managing Data 15:05, 9 May, 2021 (UTC)
Raven1207 Raven1207's Server Room Conspicuous Focusing 19:55, 9 May, 2021 (UTC)
Clucky Clucky's Server Room Conspicuous Focusing 04:47, 10 May 2021 (UTC)

Collective Understanding

Book Chain Chalkboard Cloud Door Eye Flower Food Glass Handle Human Leaf Lightbulb Maze Needle Piano Sand Shadow Sky Text Timepiece Wheel Wires