Rumble: Animal

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Started in January 8th 2021.

Moderator: Zaratustra

Players: pokes, NotAJumbleOfNumbers, Bais, Josh, Kevan


  • Player - Animal
  • Energy - Population
  • Attack - Attack
  • Defense - Defense
  • Power - Adaptation
  • Sidekick - Symbiont
  • Round - Year


Players submit a single Adaptation at first, then a second Adaptation after they've seen everyone's first submission.


  • Egrets (pokes): This is a Symbiont with 10 Population. If an Attack would reduce your Population by less than 10, the Egrets instead gain that Population.
  • Poisonous (Kevan): When an Animal deals damage to you, it loses 5 Population.
  • Flight (Josh): Cannot be targeted by conventional attacks by any creature who doesn't have flight, unless there are only two animals remaining. All Animals who bid above the mean average for this Adaptation win it.
  • Natural Predator (Bais): When you gain this Adaptation, choose an Animal (here termed X). Your Attack against Animal X also counts as Defense from X's Attacks.
  • Diverse Microbiome (Jumble): Collection of 5 Symbionts, with 4 Population each. For every symbiont that you have, you gain +4 to your Defense.
  • Large Shell (pokes): Spend 5: Allocate 7 more defense to any Animal. This Adaptation can't be used if you have Flight.
  • Colony Collapse (flaw) (Jumble): If you take more than 20 damage in a round, you are eliminated.
  • Webbing (Kevan): If an Animal with Flight attacks you, it may spend no Energy on Defence during the next round.
  • Extremely Tough Hide (Josh): If this is the only Adaptation an Animal has then it automatically gains 50 Defense every round. Otherwise, the Animal with this Adaptation gains an extra 20 Defense in any round where they don't activate any of their adaptations (where adaptations with passive effects are considered to be 'activated' every turn).
  • Mimicry (Bais): The bids to this and the Poisonous Adaptations are hidden. This Adaptation is not publically or privately distinguishable from Poisonous once bidding is concluded; Both powers are to be referred as "Poisonous (?)" after bidding concludes, except for the next clause. If this is not discarded after bidding, Poisonous Adaptation has "5" replaced with "10". If the same player happens to control multiple Adaptations called "Poisonous (?)", they can only choose to discard all of them, or none of them.


Kevan the Lesser-Spotted Dodo
Colony Collapse: 2 (loses if they lose 20+ pop in one turn)
100 Energy

Jumble the Monkey
No Adaptations!
-4 flaw
96 Energy

pokes the Shelled Bison
Egrets: 7 (gain pop from <10 attacks to pokes)
Large Shell: 17 (5: 7 def to any animal)
Diverse Microbiome: 17 (+16 Defense from symbionts)
-6 flaw
53 Energy + Egrets (10) + MB2 (4) + MB3 (4) + MB4 (4) + MB5 (4)

Bais the Toxic Goose
Flight: 5 (can't be hit by non-fliers)
Poisonous (?): 11 (MAYBE damagers lose 10 pop)
-3 flaw
80 Energy

Josh the Friendlydactyl
Flight: 7 (can't be hit by non-fliers)
Natural Predator vs. Bais: 9 (attacks vs. Bais count as defense from Bais)
Webbing: 4 (Fliers can't defend next round)
Extremely Tough Hide: 4 (does nothing)
Poisonous (?): 6 (MAYBE damagers lose 10 pop)
-4 flaw
56 Energy


Mimicry crumbles on first Year as Josh attacks Bais heavily and suffers a backlash from Bais's actual Poisonous. After the first three Years of minor pecking, Kevan goes all-in on pokes, and leaves his guard open for a team-up of Jumble and pokes that would be deadly even without Kevan's flaw. Pokes is reduced to their cohort.

The game becomes a mess around here, as it becomes apparent Bais and Josh are immune to attack from anyone else, Josh has defense against Bais's basic attack but is poisoned every time he does attack Bais for even 1 point of damage.

On year 6, Pokes and Bais go all-in on Jumble, leaving Jumble heavily maimed and pokes' cohort defeated.

At this point players just declare their actions to go on repeat.

  • year 7, jumble defends for 26, bais defends 55/attacks jumble for 25, josh full attacks bais, jumble 26 bais 78 josh 46
  • year 8, jumble defends for 26, bais defends 45/attacks jumble for 33, josh full attacks bais, jumble 19 bais 77 josh 36
  • year 9, jumble defends for 19, bais defends 35/attacks jumble for 42, josh full attacks bais, jumble 0 bais 76 josh 26

and it's over

bais the toxic goose is the king of the jungle

let this be a warning against having too many defensive/evasion powers