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Spacecraft Register

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Awesome Deathship

Size: 50

Crew Capacity: 5

Remaining Space: 45

Power: 0

Armor: 0

Speed: 0

Owner: Doom Guy


Design Description: Decorated with wreckage and skulls. Looks like a mess.


  • Heavy Defence Laser
  • Light Powered Armor
  • Rocket Engine

DDA Mothership

Size: 250

Crew Capacity: 100

Remaining Space: 78

Power: 0

Armor: 0

Speed: 0

Owner: DDA

Full Title: ‘Orbitus XVI’ Dimensional defense Agency Interplanetary HQ

Design Description: A incomparably large craft resembling a brick in design. In looking at it, it is apparent no attempt has been made to make the ship look aesthetically pleasing, functionality apparently being far preferred.


  • Light Defense Laser
  • Bargain Armor (armor)
  • Orbitus XVI Thrusters


  • Light Defense Laser (weapon): Size 1, Power 1

A weak weapon, used as a last resort by most.

  • Bargain Armor (armor): Size 1, Armor 1

Gained for a really, really low price. Wow.

  • Orbitus XVI Thrusters (propulsion): Size 70, Speed 1000

Custom-made thrusters for the Orbitus XVI. Very powerful, but they still only move the Orbitus slightly.

  • Heavy Defense Laser (weapon): Size 3, Power 4

A cost-efficient option for small craft armament.

  • Heavy Rocket Array (weapon): Size 30, Power 15

An increasingly outdated but nonetheless effective large-scale weapons system.

  • Light Armor (armor): Size 10, Armor 5

Cheap and effective, but not the best size investment.

  • Light Powered Armor (armor): Size 10, Armor 10

Electromagnetic physics abuse make for a more powerful hull.

  • Layered Titanium Hull (armor): Size 30, Armor 10

Despite being expansive, titanium hulls provide no more protection than much smaller counterparts.

  • Ion Drive (propulsion): Size 5, Speed 250

A weak but compact method of propulsion.

  • Rocket Engine (propulsion): Size 10, Speed 500

Rocket-propelled propulsion allows superior maneuverability over more efficient options.