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Storage Zone

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Name: Brass Knuckles
Requirements: 1 MS, 1 GL
Boons: 1 MS
Power: 1
Stock: Yes

Name: Extremely minor bomb
Requirements: 10 INT, 1 GL
Boons: 2 MS
Power: 2
Stock: Yes

Name: Puck grenades
Requires 10 MS, 10 INT, 5 GL
Boons: 5 MS, 1 INT
Power: 4
Stock: Yes

Name: Guns concealed in hockey sticks
Requirements: 20 MS, 15 INT, 5 GL
Boons: 6 MS, 5 INT
Power: 7
Stock: Yes

Name: Air Strike Radio
Requiements: 15 MS, 25 INT, 8 GL
Boons: 7 MS, 8 INT
Power: 10
Stock: Yes

Name: Apache Helicopter
Requirements: 20 MS, 30 INT, 10 GL
Boons: 10 MS, 10 INT, 1 FPT
Power: 20
Stock: Yes

Name: French Bread Machine Guns
Requirements: 10 GL, 15 INT
Boons: +5 MS
Power: Equal to the half the Henchman’s GL.
Stock: No

Name: Poisonous Rail Gun
Requirements: Your name is arthexis.
Power: Set your Standing to 800 in the GNDT. The power of this weapon is equal to your Standing after the increase.
Stock: No.

Name: Stinky old sock
Requirements: 4 GL (Goatees block the smell)
Boons: 1 MS
Power: 3
Stock: Yes