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Attempted names for variants

We should make some effort to name these, I think, so that someone starting a game can say "right, paranormal bureau setting: Open Bids, Blind Ties, Last Player Standing" rather than having to explain their favoured house rules conversationally or (as actually happens) not say anything, and potentially trip people up once the game starts. Some suggestions:


  • Open Bids (default): All bids are revealed.
  • Hidden Bids: Bid amounts are never revealed, only who won which power and how much Energy they have left.
  • Leader Bids: Winning bid amounts are revealed, losing bids are not.


  • Public Ties (default): If players tie on a power, all bids are revealed and the tied players are asked to rebid on tied power(s).
  • Blind Ties: If players tie on a power, the moderator announces this fact (without revealing other power wins, or any bid values) and asks tied players to rebid on tied power(s).
  • Shared Ties: If players tie on a power, they all receive copies of that power.


  • Last Player Standing (default): Game continues until one player remains. Players cannot resign from the game or leave Energy unassigned.
  • Surrender: Players can agree to stand down at any time.

"Default" options are those used or implied by the core Rumble ruleset. I'm not sure it's worth getting into the weeds of all possible tie resolutions, as currently described: we should just name the particular variants that moderators are actually using. (It may even be worth folding the Bidding and Ties variants into a single set, as some combinations - Hidden Bids, Public Ties - are plainly incompatible.) --Kevan (talk) 11:31, 12 February 2021 (UTC)


Sometimes terms will appear that are well-defined in Magic: the Gathering but not in Rumble - should the MtG interpretation hold, keeping in mind some people playing Rumble may not be MtG players?


  • "Ability" as a term for "effect caused by a power"
  • "Target" - do powers that affect every player at once "target"?