The Council: Reality TV Cooking Show

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Started on the 4th of August 2020, with Josh as the Outsider:

"The theme is a reality TV cooking show. Council members are chefs, rebels are producer plants, I am the head judge, and we are all in the kitchen set. We alternate between challenges (day) and judge's table (night)."



Chefs have an amount of Popularity, which is an integer that defaults to 0. If one Chef has a higher Popularity than all others and their Popularity is higher than zero, then whenever they would be eliminated they instead lose all of their Popularity.

Popularity can be neither directly granted nor directly removed by proposal.

Once per Challenge, chefs may submit a Dish in the form of a photograph sent in the same Slack message as the phrase ‘Today’s Dish’. Each chef may make up to two emoji-reactions on each other chef's Dish. At the start of the Judge's Table phase, the submitter of the Dish with the most reactions gets 3 popularity. Chefs are encouraged to react with respect to how much they would like to eat the contents of the photograph. If there is a tie, the Outsider must break it by reacting to the Dish they would most like to eat.


Immediately after the second successful proposal enactment of a Challenge, the Head Judge may single out two Chefs as Incompetent before cutting to an ad break: each of those Chefs loses one Popularity. At the Judge's Table, only a Chef declared Incompetent during the previous Challenge may be chosen for elimination.


  • "Each chef may make zero, one or two emoji reactions on each dish." ([1])


Player Status Popularity
Cuddlebeam Active 0
Guilherme Active 0
Jake Active 0
Jamie Active -1
Kevan Active 0
P. Scholasticus Active -1

Proposal history

Enacted Proposal 1
Cuddlebeam, Guilherme, Kevan, P. Scholasticus in favour; Jake and Jamie against
Enacted Proposal 2
Cuddlebeam, Guilherme, Jake, Kevan, P. Scholasticus in favour; Jamie against
Enacted Proposal 3
Cuddlebeam, Guilherme, Jake, Jamie, Kevan, P. Scholasticus in favour