The Council: WW2 Barracks

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Started in September 2020, with Cuddlebeam as the Outsider:

Welcome to World War II, rookies.
You're all new Recruits into the Allied forces - all except two. Somehow, two Nazis have infiltrated your barracks, and it's up to you to figure out who it is. There's a rumor that your Drill Sergeant - or just Sergeant, for short - is an undercover Nazi as well, but only time will tell. Meanwhile, mysterious disappearances have been happening. People being 'sent away' somewhere. Or weird accidents going on. You've got to get to the bottom of this.


Zaratustra, PSS, Kevan, Josh, Bais, Jake



The Sarge chooses two non-identical teams of three soldiers and sends each team to perform a mission. Having been in close contact for the duration of their mission, the soldiers are able to infer whether there is a Nazi or not in each team. The Sarge reveals, for each team, whether there is a Nazi on that team.

Results: Team 1 = Zaratustra, PSS, Kevan (has a Nazi), Team 2 = Josh, Kevan, Bais (has a Nazi)


Trios reduced the set of possible Nazi pairings to eight or nine possibilities. After some other proposals failed, including one that created private radios with hashed messages where players encoded their messages in advance during discussion only for the proposal to be retracted (or vetoed?), the group started to divide into two factions - one where the set of Zara/Bais/Josh contained two Nazis, and one where Kevan/PSS/Jake did.

Some aggressive kill proposals failed, dividing the group more. In the final proposal, PSS proposed to kill Zaratustra, Kevan and Jake having persuaded them that the most likely Nazi pairings were Zara+Josh or Zara+Bais, with Zara having made an aggressive kill proposal against Kevan earlier with Josh's support.

Kevan and Jake voted in favour, Zaratustra, Bais and Josh voted against. Kevan and Jake were the Nazis, which after a night kill meant that they won, with the players tied at 2-vs-2.

Clarifications and Rulings

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