The Eighth Dynasty of Clucky

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12 May 2021 - 8 June 2021

Ascension Address: The Gallery Is Open

Gallery Clucky is in need of the finest works of art from across the land. You’ve been identified for your ability to find art. Perhaps you are simply an artist yourself and can create the necessary pieces on your own. Or perhaps you merely excel at scowering the world of art, finding only the finest pieces. Whatever the sources of your talents does not matter, what matters is that you find the best art. Fame and glory await those who source the best art! So go forth! Find art!

Do not keep any dynastic rules. Deactivate Imperial Deferentials. Activate No Collaboration. Replace the term “AI” with “Sourcer” Replace the term “Facility Head” with “Collector” Change the dynastic tracking wiki page to “Gallery”


The following players were active at the start of the Dynasty:


And at the end:

Clucky, Jason, Josh, Kevan, lemonfanta, pokes, Raven1207

New players this dynasty


Final Ruleset



Posts of Interest

  • Art Makes The World Go Round (Clucky) - an omnibus first proposal that established the Rounds structure, how art works could be submitted, and Kudos, which acted as a rolling score for the dynasty.
  • Picking Favourites (Clucky) - the second omnibus day one proposal, this one bringing in unveiling art submissions each round and letting players vote on their favourites.
  • Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (Josh) - raised the issue of copyright. Failed, but inspired Clucky's Don't Copy That Floppy, which demanded that images be held offsite and embedded into blog comments.
  • Going for Broker (Josh) - changed the player term from Sourcer to Broker
  • Private Collection, Reporting for Duty (Clucky) - established that players could have private collections.
  • White Cubes (Kevan) - made collections publicly tracked and gave the art held within them a cash value based on its popularity.
  • Se protéger le cou (Pokes) - an early mantle limitation that would later become a special case rule.
  • Doughboys (Clucky) - allowed spending money to, amongst other things, make multiple submissions in a single Round.
  • Buyer's Market (Clucky) - Collection artworks were to be sold through a common bulletin board.
  • Human, Eye, Shadow, Spider (Kevan) - taking an earlier, failed idea by Josh, allowed Brokers to make their submissions be valueless forgeries by including a spider in them in some way.
  • Collector's Dozen (Clucky) - established that round 13 would be the final round, and the Broker with the most Kudos at that point would be the winner.
  • Appreciable Acquisitions (lemon) - art gained value in collections.
  • Exit Through The Gift Shop (Kevan) - the winner of the dynasty would be sent a physical copy of a piece of art from the dynasty, through the mail.


Non-Dynastic Rule Changes

  • The Liberation (Josh) tweaked the wording for the No Collaborations rule.
  • Long Spoons (Kevan) tightened the Fair Play prohibition on core rule scams.
  • Eyes Only (Kevan) put some infrastructure around the situations in which an Emperor can reveal privately tracked information




Also, Pokes sent Josh a mug depicting Ham With Bee, as Josh's physical prize for winning the dynasty.

Ballot data

Clucky shared the following table on Slack at the end of the dynasty, with the comment "I can share individual rounds if there is interest, but I find the meta-level "how many times everyone voted for each person" more interesting. Rows are brokers, columns are how many times they voted for that Broker. So, for example, Jason voted Josh 1st 6 times."

Broker data 1.png

They also shared the following two tables:

Broker data 2.png

Broker data 3.png

Dynastic Histories

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