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'''26 May 2020 - current'''
'''26 May 2020 - current'''

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26 May 2020 - current

Ascension Address

Metadynasty No. 9

I, Tantusar, as an Administrator of BlogNomic, have been directed by my Enactment of the Proposal The “Table Flip” Endgame [No Victory] to declare a Metadynasty. This Metadynasty will begin immediately, with no theme.


The following players were active at the start of the Dynasty:

ais523, ayesdeeef, Clucky*, Darknight*, derrick*, The Duke of Waltham, Josh*, Kevan*, pokes*, Publius Scribonius Scholasticus, Tantusar*, Trigon

The following players were active at the end of the Dynasty:

(admins in bold and * throughout)

Final Ruleset


Posts of Interest

(This list of significant dynastic events is currently incomplete.)

Dynastic Rules

Proposals that significantly impacted the Dynastic Rules.

  • Spin The Wheel was the first accepted proposal after the declaration of the Metadynasty. It defined the Wheel, a game object consisting of various Segments, each of which had an effect. As a daily action, players could "spin" the wheel, choosing a random segment which would award all players who had selected that segment as their Wager.
  • Multi-bets built upon this idea by allowing Amnesiacs' wagers to include multiple segments.
  • Global Shares added another attribute to Segments: Global Effect. Whereas the Payout of a Segment would be applied individually to each player whose Wager included the Segment, the Global Effect would be applied only once and could affect anything in the game.


Proposals that created, modified, or deleted segments. When the name of a segment is not specified below, that segment's name is the word in the proposal's title.

  • Spin The Wheel added the first five segments alongside the creation of the Wheel.
    • Nutmeg's Your Man randomized the Segment names, keeping true to the previously stated desires for random word generation to take a part in the dynasty. The names given were: Numbness, Rimless, Upturned, Laziness and Manatee.
  • 26421 false added a segment that would change its Payout to that of a random other segment whenever spun.
  • 53623 shaft added a segment with no Payout and no Global Effect.
  • 46366 random added a segment that would apply the Payout of another random segment to each winner and that would apply a random segment's Global Effect.
  • 63556 unearned added a segment that lowered points by making each player's points equal to 2*sqrt(|points|), a function that gradually gets smaller than its input.

Core Rules

All proposals passed during this dynasty that made changes to the Core, Special Case, and Appendix rules.

  • Term Limits fixed the Emperor/Player flavor text a bit by requiring that the new Emperor's choice of names for said terms be undefined in the rest of the ruleset.
  • Coping with changing definitions fixed the reoccurring problem of the value of variables becoming invalid due to the rules changing by having all invalid values change to the default value for that variable.




My commentary throughout this metadynasty can be found on its talk page.

Dynastic Histories

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