The Sixth Dynasty of Brendan

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June 16, 2016 - August 8 2016

Ascension Address: Editor in Charge

This? THIS is the result of your years of work, you ink-stained wretches? I finally make time for a simple, pleasant decade’s sabbatical, only to return and find the Codex a disorganized mess! Piles of half-completed pages in untidy stacks! Slumping heaps of material no one has ever skimmed, much less considered in the light of canon! There’s a whole room in the back overrun with silverfish! This whole operation is… is… is a palimpsest!

All that ends today, children. Whatever your quibbling personal interests in this material, I have a mission to perform, and I intend to see it through with or without you. Either you get rid of this apocrypha and distill it into the One True Ruleset… or I will.

Repeal all Dynastic Rules except “Two-Player Mode.” Replace “Moderator” with “Editor” and “Hunter” with “Scribe” throughout the Ruleset.

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The following players were active at the end of the dynasty:

Aft3rwards, Brendan, Bucky, Clucky, GenericPerson, Larrytheturtle, qwertyu63, RaichuKFM, Sci_Guy12

The following players were active earlier in the dynasty but idled before the end:

Izzoboetam, Kevan, ryagami

Posts of Interest - first proposal, letting the Editor add random "apocryphal" rules from past dynasties to the ruleset. - Proposal that made newly added rules 'Provisional' and limited what Provisional rules could do. - The first apocryphal rule, "Ousting" from the Sheep dynasty, letting scribes pay the holder of an Official Position to vacate it. This wasn't very influential mechanically, but inspired the adoption of both Official Positions and the resource Paper. - ...and this proposal introduced Paper as a standard resource shared between apocryphal rules. - The second apocryphal rule, "Bathing" from the Reality TV dynasty. With it came two more resources, Looks and Fame, and a weekly action grind for random chances to increase them. It led to Locations as a general mechanic. - Introduced a Weekly Report by the Editor that came with a small Paper reward to encourage proposers. It also introduced Scribe of the Week as the first Official Position, which initially did nothing. - Introduced RFMs, a weekly way to get a small amount of any resource. - Let Scribes give the Editor Maps to specific apocryphal rules. A later proposal required the Editor to use Maps if possible, so they became the main way to discover apocryphal rules. - A revive of an old rule to protect documents from old dynasties by having the current rules use a copy of them. It didn't matter for most of the dynasty, but later interacted with another rule to break the victory condition.

The Proxy catastrophe

  • - Apocryphal discovery of "Proxies", NPCs that players could puppeteer to a limited extent, from the Jupiter Shuttle Dynasty.
  • - Formalized the notion of an Official Position but defined Proxy as an official position.
  • - RaichuKFM tried to use some sloppy wording in the Official Positions rule to designate everyone as Proxies, then argued that it made the other Scribes not count towards Quorum because of the NPC clause in the Proxy rule. So he pushed through a one-vote "I win' CfJ...
  • ...and declared victory. This caused a heated argument about fair play, the legality of their actions, and the proper roles of CfJs before Bucky pointed out that the Provisional restrictions blocked that particular application of the "Proxies" rule's NPC clause. Some follow-up CfJs and Proposals cleaned up and removed Proxy's Official Position status.

Gold to Paper

  • Let's Break the GNDT - Apocryphal discovery of "Money", the main economic rule of the RPG dynasty, including a subrule for proposal rewards. Since there was already a minor proposal reward in place, the subrule was quickly repealed.
  • Bills AND Coins? - Repealed Money, turning existing Gold back into Paper at a rate of 10 Gold per paper. But it didn't divide the Proxies' Gold by 10 before converting it to Paper, so Larrytheturtle and RaichuKFM were each able to loot a large amount of Paper from the Proxies.


After a messy finish, the game was abandoned with a coin-flip proposal between Bucky and RaichuKFM. RaichuKFM won.

Final Ruleset

Ruleset 141


Dynastic Histories

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