The Sixth Dynasty of Josh

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May 28 - June 17, 2012

Ascension Address

The End of Time Vihara is located somewhere towards the end of the heat death of the universe, and is where the Monks of Time while away eternity – an unenticing prospect, thanks to the ongoing ultimate victory of entropy and the fact that their order practiced an ascetic lifestyle that strictly forbade getting slammed on homebrew.

From here the Monks observe the aeons of the past. Because the period of its lifespan in which the universe was actually habitable was comparatively small, however, the Monks long since ran out of the juicy stuff. Most of the great mysteries of existence were solved, with the exception of why Time Buddha was so averse to homebrew; but Time Buddha was a time traveller himself, and as such was hard to track down and ask.

Eventually, however, Time Buddha slipped up.

It was a warm afternoon, mostly due to the background radiation caused by the rapid degradation of all universal matter, when the End of Time Vihara’s computers picked up Time Buddha’s trail. He had hidden his footprints well, but in 2004, for at least a decade, he had been spotted playing a game called BlogNomic; and so the Time Monks sprang into action.

The Vihara calculated that the Monks would need to work through the first 99 Dynasties of the game in order to triangulate the Time Buddha’s presence and work out his identity, and so find out why they hadn’t been drinking delicious scrumpy while the universe burned. The stakes had literally never been higher.


Final Ruleset

Ruleset 100

Posts of Interest

  • The Hard Rules - Defined the principle of dynastic travel, set up a framework by which the Time Buddha could map variables from one dynasty to another, and established the Victory as a unit of currency separate and distinct from the traditional concept.
  • Where did I put my babelfish? - Refined the mechanism by which intra-dynastic variables were matched.
  • Declaration of Victory: Declaration of Victory - The first of several attempts to crash previous dynasties into this one, which was eventually resolved by means of a CfJ.
  • Infamous Victory - Renamed Victory-as-a-unit-of-measurement to avoud confusion with the core game concept, and streamlined the mechanic by which dynasties were closed once they had been "won".
  • Historical Document Preservation Act - Established separate wiki pages for all previous gamestate documents, but crucially maintained those documents' final gamestates, which put it into conflict with:
  • Old Victories Do Not Stand - which established the principle that players enter previous Dynasties as if they were new players. This meant that their GNDT stats were set to the values of new players but they still had legacy gamestate effects from wiki gamestate documents.
  • Slip the Surly Bonds - Brought in Chronotohms and the ability to travel between dynasties. Also brought in a new level of redundancy in defending the Dynasty 100 ruleset from legacy ruleset scams. Everyone was super paranoid about this. Also changed Eschatons (which had been Victories until Infamous Victory) to Chakras.
  • The Great Papyrus Shortage of 2003 - Provided a way to escape dynasties whose rulesets were simply unrestorable
  • The Tick Tock of the Clock is Painful - Gave time travellers watches which charged their abilities.
  • Virtue Is Its Own Reward - Crowdsourced the UTD.
  • Unblocking a Chakra - Dynasty 23 - Clucky was the first to unblock a Chakra, after a few false starts. This provoked a CfJ, which failed. Clucky quickly established an early lead in unblocking Chakra.
  • Tantric BlogNomic - Each Chakra unlocked had an effect that conformed to one of the seven traditional tantric chakra. Unlocking all seven granted the player a route to achieve Victory.
  • I think Bucky was right - A few players started to get nervous about the pace of the dynasty.
  • This Cannot Possibly Have Any Unintended Consequences - Made the Emperor present in every dynasty. Had a shitload of unintended consequences.
  • Dynasty 100 is not in the UTD - ais523 cleverly spotted that dynasty 100 was also a Chakra opportunity, but Bucky argued that it's lack of recording in the UTD made it an inappropriate target. Bucky's interpretation won the day.
  • Hostile Takeover of Dynasty 100 - Purplebeard staged a mutiny in Dynasty 33 and usurped the role of Emperor from Josh, who became a regular Time Monk.
  • Declaration of Victory: When You Wish - Josh immediately headed to dynasty 71, abusing a dice-interpretation scam along the way, and wished to have all seven Chakras unblocked. The claim failed on the basis that Dynasty 71 decreed the Emperor to be Darknight rather than Purplebeard, but as Darknight wasn't in dynasty 71, he couldn't be the Emperor in that dynasty; meaning that the wish couldn't be fulfilled. Darknight's status was then much argued but never resolved; some suggested that, because Unintended Consequences had established that the Emperor was present in all dynasties, Darknight's status as Emperor applied whichever dynasty he was in, but what this meant for Purplebeard's status as emperor was also never finally clarified. This was an amazing dynasty you guys!
  • Predynastication - until it wasn't. A few players put into motion a complex, multi-part scam that relied upon conflicts between several different dynastic rulesets to shunt the game into a metadynasty. Kevan's CfJ reverted that, but the game collapsed under a sea of CfJs, counter-CfJ and DoVs. Finally, scshunt found an unambiguous core rules scam, which he exploited to win.


Clucky attempted to start a Metadynasty under an old rule, and OMD tried to declare victory under an early ruleset that pre-dated the usual DoV mechanics and didn't require a vote. Both were rejected, and scshunt - feeling that a core scam wouldn't be inappropriate at this point - enacted an old DoV of his using an old loophole that nothing prevented a DoV from being enacted twice. The loophole had previously been attempted by Bucky with a CFJ to end the invasion during the First Dynasty of Bateleur, but that failed because, at the time, votes stopped being valid when the voter idled, and did not become valid again.


A confusing, but entertaining dynasty, being the first to incorporate previous dynasties. Out of all the dynasties which people participated in, people liked this dynasty the most. -- User:Seldiora

Dynastic Histories

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