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Treasures Page

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This is where Pirates and Ninjas track the Treasures they possess


The Ice Spar Bucket of Nantucket

The Ice Spar Bucket of Nantucket. It is worth 61 gold.

The Calcite Milking Gloves

The Calcite Milking Gloves. They are worth 100 gold.

Mica Mirror

When a Captain acquires the Mica Mirror by whatever means, he must change his Flavor within 24 hours to a different Flavor. If he fails to do so, any Admin may change that Captain’s Flavor to a random Flavor. Gold Value: 15

The Big Whoop - Abestos Edition

Value: 100 times its current owner's rank.

Make a story post that contains a DICE7 Roll. Then, apply the effect corresponding to the result from this list.

1) Set your Ship Value to ‘-’ (You have sunk your own ship) 2) Set your Flavor to Sour and your Sickness to ‘Asbestos Poisoning’ 3) Change your Rank to any legal value. 4) Set your GrogOrSake to 10, this supersedes rule 2.19 5) Add DICE150 to your Fruit. 6) Add up to 20 to your army size, then add up to 400 to your Gold. 7) Re-roll DICE7, then pick another effect from this list. If this is the third time you have Re-Rolled today, you win the game.

Whenever this Treasure’s Enchantment is used, “The Big Whoop - Asbestos Edition” and every map that references it becomes unowned.


Gold Value: 80

Twice a week you may increase you army size by 1 for a period of 24 hours. This Enchantment cannot be activated again until that period ends.

Kaolin Shovel

Value: 150

Once a week, at a time you’re hunting for treasure, you may obtain the treasure without Rolling any dice for digging, as long as you fulfill any other existing requirements for that treasure.

Pumice Orange Basket

Value: 180

You may, as a weekly action take 10 Fruit from another Captain of your choice, and add it to your Fruit.

Other Clay Champion Belt

Value: 75

This belt may not be sold.

As a daily action, you may make any other non-entrant captain an entrant by changing their tournament value to ‘entrant’. You then gain DICE10 gold.

If you lose a tournament swordfight, or fail to accept a challenge to one within 48 hours (unless you were unable to accept it), the entrant who defeated you (or challenged you) will gain ownership of this treasure.

Owner: Purplebeard


Value: 130

Once a week, when a Captain targets you with the effect of a Sea Monster, you may respond within 24 hours to er Sea Monster attack post with a comment that reads “I’m sorry, sir. You miss.” and pay 1 Army. If you do, ignore all effects of that Sea Monster during this attack. If the effects where already applied, undo them.

Mystical Diatomite Seed

Once a Week you may roll DICE10 and add the resulting amount to your Fruit. If a Captain rolls exactly 10, er Flavor becomes Sweet. This enchantment can only be activated while it’s owner is located on Forbidden Orchard Isle.

The Diamond Steering Wheel of Destiny

As a daily action, you may achieve victory.

Owner: Purplebeard


The Ice Spar Bucket of Nantucket

This map shall guide ye to me treasure, the Ice Spar Bucket of Nantucket, on Icecube Isle.

Due to the frozen ground, the Ice Spar Bucket of Nantucket is harder to dig up then most treasures. For a pirate to claim this treasure, e must roll a 1 or 2 twice during the same attempt at hunting for treasure, once to break the icy ground and a second to dig the treasure up before the ground freezes again.


The “RECTORITE Clay Idol” lies in no place other than the Forsaken Clay Mound Isle, where a Captain must go and dig for it. An army size of at least three is required to claim the treasure successfully, because it is so heavy and slippery.

Kaolin Shovel

The Kaoilin Shovel is located at “Deep Burial Reef”. Because of the huge dangers in navigating the reef, It can only be claimed by a Captain of Rank 3rd or Greater.

Owner: Purplebeard

Pumice Orange Basket

The Pumice Orange Basket is hidden on “Squeaky Sands Island”. There is Quicksand around the edge of this Island, and the Squeaking Sands may frighten less experienced Captains, therefore, only Captains of Rank 4th or higher, with a Fruit value of less than 50 may claim this Treasure.


The Treasure referenced by this map can be found on the Isle of Infinite Fright. If you attempt to dig this treasure and fail (that is, your dig roll is not 1 or 2) your Army is reduced to 0, your location is set to ‘Home Port’ and your flavor is set to ‘Sour’.

Owner: arthexis

Mystical Diatomite Seed

To unearth the Mystical Diatomite Seed, a Captain must dig for it at Forbidden Orchard Isle on a Tuesday.

Owner: aaronwinborn

The Diamond Steering Wheel of Destiny

The Diamond Steering Wheel of Destiny is located at “Doom Island”. Only captains with at least 200 gold, an army of 20, 3 treasures and 50 fruit may hunt for this treasure. This treasure map may not be distributed through visiting the tavern.