Treaty Appendices

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Go stones.png This page was gamestate during The Seventh Dynasty of Bucky. It is being kept for archival purposes and is not part of the current BlogNomic game.

Arms Disclosure Treaty

Emperor Armies Ships Surplus
Bucky 0 0 1
Raven1207 7 44 86
Darknight 6 37 103

The Old Guard Treaty

Signatory Honor
Player Bucky 10
UNSG Pokes 10
Dragonmaster Darknight 10
Emperor Brendan 8
Top Banana Clucky 10
Emperor Kevan 10
Emperor Raven1207 10


Den Mother: Clucky

Name Health Honey
Bucky 9 5
Clucky 10 8
Pokes 10 5
Raven1207 8 6

Territorial Disputes Treaty

Name Population Parties Allocated Forces
Mount Smiley Face 42,636 Bucky, Raven1207, Brendan None
Fearful Black Plains 41,943 Bucky, Darknight, Raven1207 None

Song Requests

I Write Sins Not Tragedies (Panic! At The Disco)