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Add a new Rule called "Rounds" with the following text

The game is split into a number of rounds. Rounds are performed in numerical increasing order starting with round 1, then round 2, etc… Rounds may be refered to by both phrases of the form "Round n" and "The nth Round"

If the current time is after the Expiration Date of the previous round (or that has been no previous round this dynasty), the Collector may start a round.

Give it a subrule called "Starting A Round" with the following text

To start a round, the Collector first makes a comment on the previous Round Post (if there is one from this dynasty) declaring the Round to be over. After this point, no more submissions for that round may be made. Then they perform the following atomic action, known as the Round Summary

  • Begin a new story post to the blog titled “Round [x]” where x is one more than the previous round number (or 1, if it is the first round of the dynasty). This is known as the Round Post
  • Determine a word or phrase to be the round’s Theme and declare what the new theme is in the Round Post
  • Determine the Round’s Expiration Date by doing the following, and declare what the Expiration Date is on the Round Post

- If the current time is before 17:00 UTC, set the new Round’s Expiration Date to be two calendar days later at 15:00 UTC (So if it is Thu 13/05/21--03:30 UTC, the expiration date will be Sat 15/05/21--15:00 UTC) - If the current time is at or after 17:00 UTC, set the new Round’s Expiration Date to be three days later at 15:00 UTC (So if it is Thu 13/05/21--23:30 UTC, the expiration date will be Sun 15/05/21--15:00 UTC)

  • Submit the Round Post to the Blog

Add a new rule called "Submissions" with the following text

Submissions are private messages which may be sent from Sourcers to the Collector. The types of Submissions which can be made are subrules of this rule.

If the Collector is Clucky, direct messages with the Slack user named Clucky with UserID U0VQTMGUW count as a valid means of communication with the Collector, and may be used in place of private messages. Any communication on the slack must clearly indicate which Sourcer is doing the communicating, and impersonating another Sourcer is in violation of fair play.

Submissions may be made at any time, provided the most recent round has not been closed. Any submission of a given type for a given round overrides previous submissions of that type.

Give it a subrule called "Art Submissions" with the following text

An Sourcer may submit an image, known as a piece of art, which they believe matches the current Round's chosen Theme by messaging the Collector with a link to an image as well as a title for the piece. Titles are always flavor text, only used to identify the piece of art. The contents of a piece of art are also flavor text.

All art submitted must be appropriate for all ages. Art submissions containing art which the collector believes to be inappropriate or which the collector cannot load are not valid. If the Collector deems an Art Submission is not valid, they should at their earliest convenience inform the Sourcer who submitted it that the piece of art so that they may submit a different piece

Add a new rule called "Cookies" and give it the following text

Each Sourcer has an integer amount of Cookies, which defaults to 0. There is a public integer value of Cookies known as the Threshold, which by default is 0. To Update the Threshold means to set it to the Median value of all Sourcer's Cookies