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Hi, I make art sometimes.

Note about the Traitor Special Rule: I won't perform as the Traitor even if I'm chosen to be it. This is a gameplay choice on my behalf.

Endgame Art

Axemabaro1Endgame.png PokesOne.png Pokes2Endgame.png Cuddlebeam1endgame.png Sphinx1Endgame.png Kevan20Endgame.png Kevan21Endgame.png Pokes3EndGameSmaller.png DiabeckoIEndgame.png

Aymamasitathatsaspicydynasty.png Diabecko1Banner.png Cuddlebeam2.png Cuddlebeam3Banner.png

Other Art

IllusionVsSticky.png TheCreature.png Round2 Gnomic.png

My Blognomic Victories

  • First Dynasty of Sphinx Deal with Pokes because we each had enough pieces to win the game if we pooled them together.
  • Second Dynasty of Pokes Forced proposal through via having enough voting power to do so. I was randomly chosen among my co-conspirators.
  • Twenty-Second Dynasty of Kevan Dynasty-long plan of abusing a flaw in the dynasty's first proposal.
  • First Dynasty of card Made a CFJ that would roll a winner among quorum that included myself, instead of just "everyone". It landed on me.
  • Fourth Dynasty of pokes Deal with TyGuy to work together to win, most notably to suppress the only other active player at the time, Kevan.

Reminders for myself