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January 21, 2013 - February 27, 2013

Ascension Address

By order of the House, the Ruleset is amended by repealing all dynastic rules, by replacing each occurrence of “Auspex” with “Speaker”, and by replacing each instance of “Believer” with “Honourable Member”.

The Speaker hereby calls to order the inaugural meeting of the House of Nomicites at the opening of the First Parliament of BlogNomic in the Fourth Dynasty of scshunt, on this first day after Doomsday.

The House has agreed that the Speaker should make a statement at the beginning of each Session about the duties and responsibilities of hon. Members. Members are answerable for their conduct in this place, not just to the House but to the public. We have great privileges here, and we must respect the powers to which we are accorded by using them responsibly.

Every member of the public has a right to expect that his or her Member of Parliament will behave with civility, in the best traditions of fairness, with the highest level of probity and with integrity. We are also under an obligation to try to explain to our constituents how Parliament works. But therein lies our fundamental duty. We are at the dawn of a new age, and a brand new House in a brand new Parliament in a brand new Dynasty. We must establish the rules here, so that we may serve as an exemplar of order within this chaotic new world. We have a core set of rules, and that core should remain intact, but now should be a time of experimentation and of wonder in this wonderful new dynasty.

I welcome you all, and let us be the best that we can be.

[With content borrowed from the speech at the opening of the House of Commons of the Second Session of the Fifty-Fifth Parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland on Wednesday May 9 2012, delivered by The Right Honourable Mr. Speaker John Bercow.]


13 Honourable Members were active at the start of this Dynasty:

Cpt_Koen, IceFromHell, Josh*, Kevan*, Klisz*, Larrytheturtle, nqeron, quirck*, RaichuKFM, robo1995, scshunt*, Skju, thingnumber2

Final Ruleset

Ruleset 108

Posts of Interest

Initial Starting Orders: The first Proposal of the Dynasty, establishing limits on what Proposals could accomplish, and allowing for Proposals to resolve early, if a quorum of its EVCs contained the ARROW icon.

Speaker's Corner: Introduced Credibility, which would become one of the main currencies of the Dynasty, as well as a way to lose it: By making two Contradictory statements, even outside of Blognomic.

Dispute Resolution: Introduced Points of Order, allowing the Speaker to settle a dispute.

Amending Proposals: Introduced Deliberations, a kind of Votable Matter that could alter pending Proposals, or other pending Deliberations.

Das Capital: Introduced Political Capital, the other main currency of the Dynasty, which could be spent to gain extra votes on a Votable Matter, other than a Call for Judgement.

Under New Management: Introduced Coups, an attempt to achieve victory; Honourable Members could spend Political Capital to Support or Oppose a Coup, and, if a Coup resolved with more Supports than Oppositions, the Honourable Member who posted it achieves victory.

Stalking Horse: The first of several Proposals and Deliberations meant to grant victory to a particular Honourable Member, and subject to many Political Capital-based shenanigans.

Coup d’état: The first, and only, Coup in the Dynasty. Subject to massive controversy, but ultimately ruled to have resolved with more Supports than Oppositions.

POINT OF ORDER: Correction: The final piece of argument over the Coup, and what ruled that it was, in fact successful, several days after its resolution and apparent failure.


RaichuKFM converted all of his Credibility into Political Capital, becoming Corrupt, and took a weekly action to gain four more Political Capital, then posted a Coup; this spent two Political Capital, and set his Credibility to zero, which it already was. He then spent all of his Political Capital to Support the Coup eleven times, in one comment. Some other Honourable Members similarly Supported or Opposed it multiple times within one comment, which sparked a massive debate, and alterations to the rule, spanning 3 Proposals, 1 Deliberation, and two Points of Order. The latter of which finally settled the debate: Ruling multiple Supports or Oppositions in one comment legal, and counted individually. While an equal number comments Opposed the Coup as did Support it, there were more individual Supports in the Supporting comments, and RaichuKFM achieved victory. The Declaration of Victory garnered some final controversy: Not that it was invalid, but that it was potentially the case that Honourable Members could not, in fact, legally vote against it, due to the Point of Order's ruling.