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Ford Martian Explorer

Price: 45, Fuel: 8, Endurance: 12, Speed: 8

A tough vehicle designed to rove around unexplored craters and suburbs alike. Comes in metallic red, rust orange, reddish brown and crimson: perfect for standing out against the Martian Environment.

Toyota Primus

Price: 50, Fuel: 16, Endurance: 8, Speed: 7

Originally designed as part of the "Terraforming Transformer" series, it later became popular due to its modern cold fussion portable nuclear reactor that provided a boost of up to 15% in fuel economy.


Price: 75, Fuel: 10, Endurance: 5, Speed: 15

The first Convertible car designed for leisure driving across the surface of Mercury. Unexpectedly, it never became popular with it's target market, and the marketing campaign did nothing to help it.

Volkswagen Jettison

Price: 20, Fuel: 6, Endurance: 9, Speed: 5

An economy car designed for those people who are not affluent enough to pay for a point to point Translocation, and thus needing to be dropped somewhere along the way.

Hummer 160-G TraCo

Price: 120, Fuel: 7, Endurance: 25, Speed: 12

So named because it can survive at least 160-G forces without any damage to the vehicle. Even the paint. This was, of course, tested in a vacuum-powered trash compactor. In America.

Jet-propelled Playskool Kiddie Car

Price: 5, Fuel: 2, Endurance: 2, Speed: 1

More Darwin Awards than any other Vehicle on the market. Limited time offer. Amazing deal!

Meals on Wheels

A Member’s Table is considered to be attached to his Vehicle, if he has one. Members with no Vehicle may not post a Declaration of Victory. The Member’s Vehicle and attached Table are considered to be at the same Station as the Member.