Worlds End

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The Heartbeat of Creation: 47 (Waning)

Next expected Heartbeat: Monday 5 December 00:01 UTC

Name Health Current Location Provisions Beat Actions Taken Phase Presence Ideology Allegiance Items Macca Soul
Brendan 1 Survivor Camp 3 0 Waxing Human None None 0 0
Darknight 1 Survivor Camp 3 0 Waning Human None None 0 0
Josh 135 Survivor Camp 4 3 Waxing Human Battle Bot Arena None 0 0
Jumble 100 Haunted Woods 5 1 Waxing Human BlogNomic Done Quick None 0 0
Kevan 100 Waterlogged Shops 5 0 Full Human Guard Duty None 0 0
Raven1207 100 Destroyed Apartment Block 1 0 Waxing Human None Ring of Protection, Ring of Protection 0 0
SingularByte 100 Destroyed Apartment Block 1 0 Full Human Reason is a Shackle None 0 0
SupernovaStarbright 1 Waterlogged Shops 4 2 Full Human BlogNomic Done Quick None 2000 0
thundershrike 100 Survivor Camp 3 0 Waning Human None None 0 0
Trapdoorspyder 100 Waterlogged Shops 5 0 Waning Human None None 0 0
wdtefv 100 Survivor Camp 3 0 Full Human None None 0 0
Non-Player Characters
Name Health Owner Location
The Guardian 50000
Title Body Owner
Reason is a Shackle We are shackled by the concept of reason. Causality and logic are chains that bind us to an uncaring expanse that cares not for what we truly wish to be. I denounce these chains. I denounce these shackles. I denounce this world itself, and I say it could be so much more. I reject the laws of nature and of man, and I forge our new laws, the laws of fate and oaths. I am Fae now. We are all Fae now. SingularByte
Battle Bot Arena The stench of oil, sweat, and metal-on-metal filled the arena as the crowd road. Somewhere high above, in a booth overlooking the carnage, an announcer grabbed his microphones, and, after a moment of feedback, gave the cry that the crowd were waiting for: "BLOGBOTS... ARE - YOU - READY!!!" Throughout the ruleset, change Demiurge to Operator and Omnipotence to Announcer. Josh
Guard Duty Midnight and all's well. Your footsteps echo across the flagstones of the undercroft, your thoughts lost among the legends of the vault said to be buried somewhere deep in the mountain beneath the castle. You pause for a moment upon hearing a shuffling sound somewhere behind you, but you know without looking that it's rats. It's always rats. Change the term Omnipotence to Lord, and Demiurge to Guard. Kevan
BlogNomic Done Quick Hello and welcome to my speedrun of BlogNomic. The category we will be running today is 100% Glitchless ACE, which is any run because all would-be glitches have been called "features" and ACE was intentionally left in the game by its developer, Peter Suber. As this game is multiplayer, I have with me my fellow speedrunners (insert names of all non-idle Players here.) Time starts when I press the "submit" button on my DoV.! Jumble
Name Cost Shops
Raku Gem 16,000 Open-air markets
Taru Gem 16,000 Open-air markets
Ao Gem 20,000 Open-air markets
Midori Gem 12,000 Open-air markets
Gin Gem 8,000 Open-air markets
Ring of Protection 4,000 Open-air markets
Bragging Rights Trophy 100,000 Open-air markets
Expired blood bag 10,000 Open-air markets
Bonsai Tree 30,000 Open-air markets
Heart Medication 300,000 Open-air markets
Location Primary Ideology
Survivor camp Battle Bot Arena
Waterlogged Shops Battle Bot Arena
Open-air markets Battle Bot Arena

Waterlogged Shops tins: 5
Drop-off dates: Wednesday 29th June 05:00 UTC, Sunday 3rd July 10:00 UTC, Saturday 9th July, 9:00 UTC