Zahndorf Crypt

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Vampire Lord Puissance Influence Allegiance Sepulchre
ais523 1 0 none Hollow Chamber
Brendan 8 0 none Pillar Room
Clucky 2 0 none
Darknight 12 0 none
Jason 12 0 none
Jumble 4 0 none
Kevan 8 0 none
lemonfanta 8 0 none Hallway of Wonders
Phil 12 0 none
pokes 15 0 none
Raven1207 6 0 none
Map of Dracula's Layer
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
A - - - - - - - -
B - - - - - - - -
C - - - - - - - -
D - - Pillar Room Room BA - - - -
E - - Hallway of Wonders Crypt Entrance Library of Souls Forgotten Corridor - -
F - - - Entrance vestibule - - - -
G - - - Shattered stairway - - - -
H - - - - Hollow Chamber - - -
Room legend
Room name Description Effect Sigils
Crypt Entrance A dingy portal leading from the cathedral's undercellar to the mosaiced entrance of Dracula's crypt Raven1207, pokes, Phil, Clucky
Entrance vestibule A narrow but lavishly tiled corridor leading into the main area of the crypt None
Shattered stairway A grand hall with a broken stairway that pitches anyone walking along it onto a bloodied pit of sharpened spikes Richardo von Nestor is Grievously Injured, Each Vampire Lord with an engraved Sigil here gains 1 Puissance. pokes, Phil, ais523, Kevan, Jason, Jumble, lemonfanta
Library of Souls The books here seem to have a life of their own, as if the very souls of their authors are trapped inside... Each Vampire Lord with an engraved Sigil here gains 1 Puissance. Each Vampire Lord gains 1 Puissance. Clucky, pokes, ais523, Kevan, Jason, Brendan, Jumble, lemonfanta, Phil
Hallway of Wonders The hallway that is enchanted with the wonders of rooms connected to it Each Vampire Lord that has an engraved Sigil in an orthogonally adjacent room to this room gains 1 Puissance.
Pillar Room A long corridor with many repetitively spaced pillars Each Vampire Lord with an engraved Sigil here gains 1 Puissance. ais523
Forgotten Corridor Cobwebs sway in the cold breeze, and the heavy flagstones are cracked and broken. Richardo von Nestor is Lightly Wounded if he is not Perceptive.
Room BA The floor of this room is spotless. Every once in a while, a small disklike object scurries out from one of the walls and cleans the floor. [Silver-Tipped Stake, Holy Tincture] [Secret Passage Map, Rod of Smoothing] Richardo approaches a fine treasure chest. Each Vampire Lord gains 1 Puissance.
Hollow Chamber An plain, empty area, invisible from outside, that makes a hollow sound when you tap on the nearby walls. none
Crypt Denizen name Brutality Cunning Traits Location Sycophancy
Laughing Gargoyle 0 2 Evasive Shattered stairway None