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Action Props

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Kirby/Sonic-Taunt Japanese Torture Device

Challenge Rating: 6

Composed of a Nintendo Wii, a game of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and a device which makes all 2 players play as Kirby and do nothing but down taunt, and the other players play as Sonic and do nothing but side taunt. Hiii! You're too slow! Hiii! You're too slow! Hiii! You're too slow! Hiii! You're too slow! Hiii! You're too slow! Hiii! You're too slow!

Giant Disaster Averting Machine

Challenge Rating: 4

Man's evil tool of destruction, used in a way he didn't expect.

Slightly Golf

Challenge Rating: 2

It is a golf, and it is slightly (from breaking skulls).

Sharp Icy Fire Bat From The Ear

Challenge Rating: 7

ThIs Fire Bat has been extracted frOm the Ear of a particularly ferocious vampire squirrel who lives in Mt.Not-A-Very-Nice-Place-To-Be, sharpened using a rather dull Whetstone aNd dippED in the pools of Very-Cold-Lake. The squirrel was rather angrY abOUt it at the time, But I'm sure eventuAlly he'll accept that he'll have to live with fewer Bats. It coulD easily be fired from a potent grenade launcher.

An Imported Rusty Stapler

Challenge Rating: 4

It's not much to look at, but we paid far too much money to get this. It's come up in several films in the past, and was almost accidentally destroyed on the set of the recent Time Rift. Who wouldn't want to use this piece of movie history?

A Magical Shiny Gold Monocle with a Very Shiny Gold Chain

Challenge Rating: 11

It's a chain for a monocle in old Victorian style (and the monocle itself is included). It cost a lot of money to get it, most of it going into building a time machine, button-holing an old Victorian aristocrat, giving up and then buying an antique off of E-bay for a few bucks, but it's here. It could blind a man with the gleam off a cat's eye under a crescent moon. Recently, Mahatma Gandhi discovered it to be magical.

7 Quicksilver

Challenge Rating: 2

When bullets just aren't enough, they call 7 Quicksilver. . . .

The Stereotypical Empire

Challenge Rating: 3

The great evil empire led by Emperor Stereotine and his advisor Darth Cliche.

...or possibly a scale replica of it, the paperwork isn't clear.

Forty Two Thousand Four Guys Man Twice Again: Unrated

Challenge Rating: 9

The awesome, direct to video 'Forty Two Thousand Four Guys Man Twice Again' is considered one of the precursors of the B Cinema 'Nonsensical Title' style of movies, and one of the direct inspirations to our current cinematographic project. The version we have has no rating whatsoever.

The Most Extreme Stupendous New and Improved Awesome Powerful Explosive Ultra Amazing Super Rock

Challenge Rating: 15

Guaranteed to beat scissors.

Ancient Break-Away Vase With Humongous Intelligent Slimy Evil Tentacles

Challenge Rating: 10

These sorts of prop are generally quite popular, we're not quite sure where we got this one, it is quite old, but... OH MY GOD! Look at the size of those Intelligent Slimy Evil Tentacles, I've completely lost my train of thought... OH GOD NO, TENTACLES DON'T BELONG THERE! *crash fizzle clunk*

Indiana Jones' Deadly Whip

Challenge Rating: 4

Indiana Jones uses this Deadly Whip to defeat Nazis and Communists.

Commander Super-Rodlen

Challenge Rating: 3

He's super-awesome.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Challenge Rating: 4

A remake of Final Fantasy VII with better graphics has finally been released.