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Adventurers’ Spellbook

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Known Spells by Adventurer

  • card: Avoid Fate, Brain Boost
  • derrick:
  • naught:
  • pokes:
  • Trigon:

List of Spells

Avoid Fate—Level 0—CC 5

  • You may only cast this spell once per dynasty. The next time you would go to 0 health, you instead lose 1 level, 2 points divided as you choose among might or magic, all but 5 of your items, all known spells and then set your health to 1 and your location to Town.

Brain Boost—Level 1—CC 1

  • If you gained Experience from Supporting one or more of another Adventurers’ successful Hunts since the last Respawn, increase your Experience by the amount you gained from Supporting one of those Hunts.

Chain Lightning—Level 2—CC 3

  • Make a Magic Test and include in the GNDT comment of the die roll a list of up to 3 different monsters in your current location. Add to your Mana the number of targets you chose. You are considered to have hunted the third Monster with one fourth of the calculated Mana, the second Monster with one half of the calculated Mana and the first Monster with the total amount of Mana calculated for this spell. Update the game state accordingly.

Siren Call—Level 2—CC 2

  • Establish the Pool as the set of all monster types from those in the List of Monsters whose Ecology matches your Location. Randomly choose a monster type from the Pool with the probability for each being that type’s frequency over the sum of all type’s frequency. Add a Monster of that type to your Location.

Mystical Amphetamines—Level 3—CC 0

  • Decrease your health by 6 and increase your AP by 2
  • Cannot be used by an Adventurer with 0 AP