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Monsters in the Wilds

Overgrown Forest

  1. Wild Boar

Dank Cave

  1. Shrieking Cockroach

Labyrinthine Canyon

  1. Giant Spider
  2. Wild Boar
  3. Shrieking Cockroach
  4. Giant Spider

Shadow Mountain

Eldritch Ruin

  1. Shrieking Cockroach
  2. Bat
  3. Shrieking Cockroach

Dragon's Lair

  1. Dragon

List of Monster Types

Name Hit Points Frequency Ecology Spoils
Bat 2 9 All Bat Wing (4), Bat Wing (4)
Goblin 5 5 All Monster Bones (7), Monster Guts (5)
Wild Boar 4 6 Overgrown Forest, Labyrinthine Canyon, Shadow Mountain Small Tusk (6), Small Tusk (6), Meat (5)
Shrieking Cockroach 3 9 Dank Cave, Labyrinthine Canyon, Eldritch Ruin Shriek (4), Shriek (4), Shriek (4)
Man-Eating Worm 10 3 Dank Cave, Shadow Mountain Purple Ichor(8), Poisonous Stinger (5)
Squid Thingy 8 2 Eldritch Ruin Cryptic Clue (7), Monster Guts (5), Monster Guts (5), Squid Thingy Larva (5)
Electric Mouse 7 4 Overgrown Forest, Eldritch Ruin, Shadow Mountain Pikachu (6), Lightning (5), Detective Hat (9)
Giant Spider 3 8 Overgrown Forest, Dank Cave, Labyrinthine Canyon Spider Silk (4), Spider Silk (4)
Necromancer 10 2 All Dark staff (5), Shadowy Tome (5), crystal ball (5), Cryptic Clue (5), Curse (5)
Restless Dead 6 5 All Monster Bones (8)
Dragon 20 0 Dragon's Lair Dragon’s Head (1)



A mad wizard corrupted by death magic

  • A necromancer may not be targeted in a hunt if a restless dead is in the same wilds as it

Restless Dead

A corpse that’s still moving around

  • after a respawn, If a Necromancer is in a wilds and at least one restless dead is in a different wilds, move each restless dead to a randomly chosen wilds with a necromancer in it


The most powerful monster in the Wilds. It’s commonly believed that dragons possess powerful magic that can control all the other monsters.