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For those interested in the extremes that have occurred throughout Blognomic history. If anyone can add to this list any verifiable records, go ahead! (This was last updated prior to 2014, and is likely out of date.)

Most Active Players at Once

33, during the Sixth Dynasty of Kevan.

Longest Dynasty

The Second Dynasty of Angry Grasshopper, April 2 - July 4, 2006.

Shortest Dynasty

The Seventh Dynasty of Kevan, from 30 Sep 2010 08:59:00 UTC, to 01 Oct 2010 00:09:52 UTC, for a total of 15 hours, 8 minutes, 52 seconds. Only 32 minutes elapsed between the Ascension Address and the Declaration of Victory, during which (obviously) no proposals passed at all.

Most comments to a proposal

108. Possibly "Nothing Arbitrary About This" from First Dynasty of lilomar. A mechanic in the proposal inadvertently (or perhaps not-so-inadvertently) encouraged a lot of re-voting and vote-switching.