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Book of the Kaiju

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In the beginning, there was darkness. From the Chaos of the Void, a rumbling was heard throughout the world. From the dark skies, the wild lands, and the deep sea, terrible Monsters descended upon the great city of Tokyo, and a divine battle ensued. There will be no peace while Monsters roam the earth. The Kaiju Gods have thus spoken...

Holy Words of the Kaiju Gods

  • Teleport Baeltor to Bean Town (Mon 08/10/07--19:32:36 UTC )
  • Media Frenzy over Bean Town (Aaronwinborn 13:12, 10 Oct 2007 (GMT))
  • Teleport Kakzama to Hubland (Aaronwinborn 13:42, 11 Oct 2007 (GMT))