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Candidate Agendas

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Candidate Agendas


  1. As a daily action an Intelligence may modify its Relativistic Timeframe (RT) increasing it or decreasing it by one unit. The timeframe for this action is considered Absolute.
  2. When the total Entropy of all Intelligences together, which is known as Total Entropy, is equal to or greater than 80 times Quorum, the Universe Ends. No action may cause the Total Entropy to decrease.
  3. All Intelligences have an attribute named Entropy, which determines how much useful thermodynamic energy has been wasted by that Intelligence. When the Universe Ends, the Intelligence with the lowest entropy achieves victory.


  1. Qapmoc may at any time achieve victory. No other Candidate may achieve victory. If this rule contradicts Rule 1.9 “Victory and Ascension”, this rule takes precedence.
  2. Only Qapmoc may submit new Proposals and all Proposals submitted by Qapmoc Pass instantly. Only Qapmoc may raise new CfJs and all CfJs raised by Qapmoc pass instantly. If this rule contradicts any rule in Section 1 “Core Rules”, this rule takes precedence.
  3. Bucky shall be set to idle. Bucky shall not be able to change eir name. Only Qapmoc may unidle Bucky. If Qapmoc is not an Admin, Bucky cannot be unidled.
  4. If Bucky is not idle then Bucky may, at any time, request a change of the colour scheme of blognomic.


  1. Any Candidate may repeal this Rule at any time.