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Doomsday Device

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  1. The idol that houses John DeFoe's soul.
  2. A fresh corpse, which will fall onto the idol and be possessed by John DeFoe when a rope is cut.
  3. Stewie Griffin cutting the rope to drop the corpse while yelling "Victory is mine".
  4. A solar panel providing power to the speaker and blade-spring of the cardboard Griffin cutout.
  5. A Friken Laser; device that emits a beam of light to pinpoint a target with a glowing red dot.
  6. A prisoner, tied up to fall in a certain direction when killed by John DeFoe.
  7. A ravenous shark, to which the Friken Laser is attached with nylon cord.
  8. A big red button, which the dead prisoner will fall on to.
  9. A huge box suspended in the air, filled with explosive ping pong balls, that has a trapdoor in the bottom that opens when the big red button is pressed.
  10. A giant pirahna, who is blown up by the ping pong balls.
  11. A fairskinned damsel, who shrieks at the sight of giant toothy fish.
  12. A skittish hamster, who begins running in his wheel when awoken by shrieking.
  13. A shoelace tied to the hamster wheel, which would be wound up when spun.
  14. A table cloth tied to the shoelace.
  15. A goldfish bowl on the table cloth, inching toward the edge of the table.
  16. The bulldog from Tom & Jerry asleep on his pillow beside the table.
  17. A weather control device, which maintains heavy cloud cover over the device, preventing the sunlight from reaching the solar panel.
  18. Super Happy Fun Ball (carefull it's dangerous).
  19. A string tied to the bulldog.
  20. Tied to the business end of the string, the RELEASE switch on a dump truck full of Mentos backed over an Olympic-sized swimming pool filled with Diet Coke, which erupts and destroys the moon.
  21. A spaceman on the moon unaware that the moon is about to be destroyed.
  22. An ejecting mechanism on the spaceman's helmet which sends it into orbit around the Earth.
  23. A family of gremlins, who lived inside the helmet, who leap out in despair.
  24. A group of children, clapping in glee at the fireworks display of gremlins burning up on reentry to the atmosphere.
  25. A wall lamp activated by the sound of clapping.
  26. A solar panel, which turns the light of the wall lamp into electricity, which powers a huge animatronic dinosaur.