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Influence: 37

Mad Physicists

Leader: Einstein’s brain in a vat

App. Number of Members: 4726

Weapons: Large Hadron Collider, Complicated books, Dangerous prototype rayguns


Leader: Joshua A. Norton (Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico)

App. Number of Members: 47 (who are named on the “Einherjar” wiki page)

Weapons: Mad Skirmish Skillz

French Baguette Maniacs

Leader: Louis Concarneau

App. Number of Members: 8

Weapons: French Bread Machine Guns


Influence: 7

Aum “Aleph” Shinrikyo

Leader: Asahara

App. Number of Members: 179

Weapons: Sarin Gas Satchels, Pointy umbrellas.


Leader: Generic Ex-Henchman

App. Number of Members: 37

Weapons: Pistols, knives

South America

Influence: 9

North America

Influence: 24

Vancouver Canucks

Leader: Markus Naslund

App. Number of Members: 26

Weapons: Guns concealed in hockey sticks, puck grenades


Leader: Tommy

Approximate number of members: 126

Weapons: Tommy gun


Influence: 21

Elephant Culinary Artists

Leader: Horton Fistwhistle

App. Number of Members: 600

Weapons: Ivory salad tongs, Trunk full of spices


Influence: 14

Ghastly Clean Aboriginal Cannibals

Leader: Sterwi Dasyatidae

App. Number of Members: 212

Weapons: Smelly Soap, Poisoned Spears, Metal boomerangs, A cooking pot so large it could cook us all.


Influence: 100