Earthlink Tower

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Go stones.png This page was gamestate during The Twenty-Ninth Dynasty of Kevan. It is being kept for archival purposes and is not part of the current BlogNomic game.

⏲️ Current Turn: 9
📊 The Earthlink is currently Stable.

Earthlink Tower
Floor Contents
64 Clucky
62 Brendan, Lemon
60 [Redtara], Copbot Swarm
57 Copbot Swarm
55 Copbot Swarm
51 Zack
49 Jerry
45 Antimatter Cable
41 Antimatter Cable
37 Chiika
36 Copbot Swarm
33 Antimatter Cable
32 Josh
30 SupernovaStarbright
25 Antimatter Cable
21 Cuddlebeam
17 Antimatter Cable
13 Trapdoorspyder
9 Antimatter Cable
5 Copbot Swarm, Antimatter Cable
4 Medical Supplies
1 Punk-Neo-mutualists, Katelyn Dubose
B4 Raven1207, Antimatter Cable
B7 [TyGuy6]

(Citizens are shown in bold, NPCs in italics, Items in plain text. Citizens with Heat Signatures are marked with square brackets. Powered Floors are shown in yellow.)

Citizen Inventory Goal
Brendan Toolbox, Taser, Smoke Grenade, Flashlight Flashlight
Chiiika Blaster, Antimatter Cable x 1 45
Clucky -
Cuddlebeam Flashlight, Smoke Grenade, Antimatter Cable 25
Josh Toolbox, Flashlight, Taser × 2, Antimatter Cable 47
Katelyn Dubose Medical Supplies, EMP Grenade, Unpleasant Memory, Tinfoil Hat -
lemon Toolbox × 2, Flashlight, Blaster Blaster
Raven1207 Toolbox, Blaster, Flashlight, Smoke Grenade -
redtara Toolbox, Blaster Taser, Smoke Grenade, Medical Supplies
SupernovaStarbright Toolbox, Flashlight 30
Trapdoorspyder Toolbox, Blaster, Smoke Grenade, Antimatter Cable -
TyGuy6 Toolbox × 2, Tinfoil Hat, Smoke Grenade, Antimatter Cable x 2, Medical Supplies 17
Zack Flashlight, Blaster, Antimatter Cable 25, Toolbox