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Faction GNO Ruleset

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Gnomic Leaders

1. Supreme Being. There shall be a position called "Supreme Being." The Supreme Being may veto proposals.

2. Demiurge. There shall be a position called "Demiurge." There Demiurge may veto proposals.

If the Supreme Being and the Demiurge have voted the same on a proposal, deferential votes on that proposal shall be counted the same as the vote of the Supreme Being and the Demiurge. The Supreme Being and the Demiurge may not vote deferential.

Gnomes of Victory

Each Citizen owns a number of Garden Gnomes (which may be abbreviated GG) that is tracked on the GNDT. New Citizens begin with 0 Garden Gnomes.

If a Citizen owns 50 Garden Gnomes, they have achieved victory.

Whenever a Citizen achieves victory under this rule and their Declaration of Victory passes, the normal effects of a passed DoV do not occur. Instead, they gain possession of the GNO relic, and the GG of all Citizens is set to 0.

Holy GNOmish Empire.

The Gno faction shall be styled the “Holy GNOmish Empire.”

It is, of course, holy, gnomish, and an empire. Discuss amongst yourself.


There is a section of the Gnomish Scrolls called the “Oath of Fealty”. If another faction’s ruleset has the Oath of Fealty as a Rule, except with XXXX in the Oath of Fealty replaced by the name of a Disciple and YYY is replaced by that Faction’s name, and that Rule is in full effect, that Disciple’s Gnomes shall be treated as if it were 60 higher than the amount in the GNDT for the purposes of victory conditions.


As a weekly action, a Citizen may Work. The effects of Working are dependent on their class:
If they are a Gnome, they increase their GG by 3.
If they are a Gnogue, they increase their GG by 2 and may decrease another Citizen’s GG by up to 2.
If they are a Disciple, they increase their GG by 2 and increase the Magic Dust of each Citizen by 5.

Gnomic Gnostic Church of GNO

Gno is spiritually led by the Gnomic Gnostic Church of GNO.

Imperial Decrees

The wiki page called “Gnomish Scrolls” shall contain GNO faction gamestate that is sacred to the Church or the contents of an Imperial decree. The Gnomish Scrolls may only be modified as the GNO faction ruleset permits. Any other attempt to modify the Gnomish Scrolls shall be immediately reverted.

Citizen Classes

1. Citizens may choose from the classes contained in this rule.
2. Citizens may switch classes once per week.
3. A Citizen may be both Supreme Being or Demiurge and hold a Citizen class simultaneously.
4. The Classes:
(a) Gnome. Citizen Gnomes exist in the Holy Gnomish Empire. Gnomes are well-regarded for their Tinkering skills, the fruits of which form the backbone of the Holy Gnomish Empire’s economy. Gnomes are, however,often regarded as cute and cuddly by other types of Citizens, leading both to their worship and fawning obsession.
(b) Disciples of the Gnomic Gnostic Church. Citizen Disciples exist in the Holy Gnomish Empire.
Disciples worship Gnomes and are integral cogs in the theocracy’s state machinery. They are known for their mastery of the Holy Gnomish Empire’s Bureaucracy.
(c) Gn’er-Do-Well. Gn’er-Do-Wells, or “Gnogues,” as they are more commonly known, exist in the Holy Gnomish Empire. Gnogues are the seedy underclass. They are known for their skills at Thievery.

Classes are kept track of in the Class column in the GNDT.

Snowball Fight

As a daily action, each Gnome may Bombard an Idle Citizen. To Bombard a target, a Gnome makes a Story Post with a title that starts with “Bombardment:” and a subject that contains the name of the target. The body of the Story Post should contain a payload of bombast. The target is then pummeled by infernal snowballs.


Gnomes are VERY sneaky.

The Happiness Fairy

As a daily action, any Citizen (called the Happiness Fairy) may use 1 ounce of Magic Dust to make any other Citizen (called the Victim) smile. When he does this, the Happiness Fairy shall make a story post detailing how he made the Victim smile.

Hello. I am the Friggin’ Happiness Fairy. I’ve sprinkled happy dust on you. So Smile dangit. This stuff is expensive!!