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Go stones.png This page was gamestate during The Eighth Dynasty of Clucky. It is being kept for archival purposes and is not part of the current BlogNomic game.
Broker Kudos Cash Collection
Jason 19 $27626 Too Soon? [$3000]
Josh 35 $89
Kevan 33 $312
lemonfanta 17 $10834
pokes 17 $5111 Goes [$1050]
Raven1207 15 $5000 Absentee [$7751], Zebra, Makgadikgadi [$1337], The Suber Tablets [$5512], BOTC [$5000], Blognomic: Mafia [$1000],
Collector's Vault
Meet Me Upstairs [$4218], Striped Sunset [$6076], Untitled (1985) [$1403], Collector's Collection of Colorful Crystals [$6379], Predator Spikes [$5787], 90s All The Way Down (90s stars promoting a 90s operating system on a 90s storage format) [$3307], this is theme-relevant in that my gf is moving and i was too preoccupied to make good art bc of that. and moving cross-state is a voyage, u see. also theres a boat in the picture [$5250], Turducken [$1337], The Philosophy of the 90s [$1102], Road Trip [$1050], A 10 pixel by 10 pixel rendering of the number 10 [$3000], 10 [$1000]
Installer Directory
pokes, Josh, Kevan
The Bulletin Board
Seller Price
Josh 1200
Josh 1200