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This is a record of significant changes to the Core, Special Case and Appendix sections of the rules, which returning players should be aware of.

28 April 2009
Fair Play rules were formally added, replacing existing minor clauses about spam and multiple accounts.
18 August 2015
A Slack channel was introduced, eventually replacing the old IRC channel.
10 September 2017
The Special Case top-level section to the Ruleset was created and various miscellaneous rules that were previously proposed as needed or had been clogging up the Core rules were moved there from the previous Core rules.
12 September 2017
BlogNomic now becomes "dormant" if there are fewer than five active players, switching off until new players join.
8 May 2017
Proposals and CfJs now explicitly require a "[Core]" tag in their title if they are to amend Core rules, and the same for Special Case / Appendix edits. This is largely to prevent "change all X to Y" proposals inadvertently overwriting Core ruletext. (Tags were altered in September 2020 to be unnecessary in certain unambiguous cases.)
27 July 2018
The "Imperial Deferentials" Special Case rule, when switched on, makes Emperor DEFERENTIAL votes default to the majority (rather than being null votes). Such votes are often cast when a proposal is more about gameplay than game design, and the Emperor wants to leave the decision to the players.
23 January 2019
Core scams are no longer acceptable under Fair Play rules.
8 November 2019
The GNDT is replaced with an embedded wiki page and a separate dice roller script.
22 November 2019
Admins who hadn't been seen for two years were de-adminned for security reasons (see this post for a list of affected players and some context)
4 February 2020
Mentors were added to the game. When a new player joins BlogNomic, the Emperor is now encouraged to assign them a Mentor for their first four weeks in the game.
13 February 2020
Editing a votable matter after voting has started now invalidates it.
25 March 2021
Imperial Deferentials were changed to make player DEFs into abstentions.
28 July 2021
The edit window for editing posts was altered to four hours. (It had been two for a few years and was changed to eight a month previously.)
15 August 2021
If a proposal to amend a Core, Special Case or Appendix rule times out without reaching quorum, it now fails regardless of votes.
31 August 2021
BlogNomic now has both a Slack and Discord discussion channel, with Slack being slightly (but not very clearly) more official by being mentioned in some non-dynastic rules where Discord isn't.