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A repository for various bits of graphs and data generated by players over the course of the game.

Some further analysis can be found at 2020 Data Analysis.

Dynasty length

Josh prepared some graphs of BlogNomic's dynasty lengths, in April 2011, making the raw spreadsheet data available here.

Analysis by Josh

Some initial things that stand out: Dynasties have gotten more homogenous since around 40 onwards; dynasties up until 40 seem to average at a month by default, instead tending to come in at either more than 40 days or fewer than 20, with only a few in between: [dead link]

Meanwhile, 34 days is the most common dynasty length, but the functional window for for dynasty lengths is between 19 and 43 days: [dead link]

Also, interestingly, July is the least common month for successful DoVs.

Analysis by Winner

Another interesting graph which shows the average dynasty length over the last 5 dynasties.


Analysis by Kevan

A graph of dynastic durations (from the first 125 dynasties) looks like this:

Dynastic durations (1-125).png

From that data, the mean length of a dynasty is 35.776 days and the median is 34.

Active players

Analysis by Kevan

This was compiled by searching each archive page for posts made by players. A player is considered "active" if they made at least one post to the blog during a given month. The pale blue line tracks new players each month (players which had not been active in previous months).

Blognomic player count 2005-2020.png

Updated to include data from June 2005 (the launch of the ExpressionEngine blog) to December 2020. Generation script and output data are available at

Analysis by Ienpw III

From a blog post: "Out of personal interest I made this chart containing the number of active players per dynasty, and I thought perhaps some of you might be interested." - the data is compiled from dynastic histories, which (sometimes) mention the players active at the start and/or ends of dynasties, and Ienpw "included everyone who was recorded as being active at some point during a dynasty".

Ienpw graph.png

Raw data used for this graph is here.

Proposals per month

Kevan compiled some data on the number of proposals made each month (grepping for the string ">Proposal: across all monthly archives, which may be imperfect)


(The number of "active" players per month, per the earlier section, is shown in blue.)

DoV frequency

Kevan's collection of the dates of DoVs (collected here in a clunky spreadsheet that uses 3/2/1 for pass/fail/illegal, and zero for days where nothing happened), between September 2005 and November 2013.

Dov history.png