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1 . . . Five Aces Casino Haunted Night Club Casino "The One" .
2 . Animal Hospital . Uptown Residential Exotic Pets Bar Night Club
3 . . Hotel Bar Downtown Residential Electronic Entertainment Bar . .
4 . Exotic Flowers Hotel Bar Town Hall <All Pactmakers> Night Club Cathedral Nuestra Señora de las Promesas .
5 . Night Club Hotel Bar D4 Night Club . .
6 . . Hotel Dice Beach . . .
7 . Hotel Beach . . . .

The Pact Magic Records

  1. Cuddlebeam: "I promise to create an example Promise such as this one, if I haven't already."
  2. Axemabaro: "I promise I will do my best. To do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law; To help other people at all times; To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight." [Scorned by Kevan] [Scorned by pokes][Scorned by Dewaldo]
  3. Cuddlebeam: “I promise to not vote (aside from VETO), unless its to make a Voteable Matter Popular or Unpopular.” [Broken]
  4. Cuddlebeam: “I promise to not make any comments on Proposals about their potential formal functionality, unless it's in private to such a proposal’s poster or I deem the situation to be of extreme urgency.” [Broken]
  5. pokes: "I promise to within 50000 years submit a proposal preventing the Seraphim from getting Extreme Seizures."
  6. pokes: "I promise to sell my vote on Proposals for the pokes' vote price, or PVP, which I may change publicly but initially is 1. If this has not already been done for a given proposal, if I am paid the PVP in Mana with a proposal name and a desired vote attached to the payment as a note in the GNDT, I will cast that vote on that proposal within 12 hours, if voting on that proposal is open for that time."
  7. orkboi: "I promise, once four or more pactmakers have scorned this promise, that I shall transfer 1 mana to each of them within 24 hours time." [Scorned by pokes] [Scorned by Kevan]
  8. card: "I promise to break this promise."
  9. pokes: "If one non-Idle Pactmaker has promised to vote for any proposal made by me that has a pun in the title, I promise to put a pun in the title of all proposals."