Iron Curtain

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Go stones.png This page was gamestate in an unspecified dynasty (see which pages link here). It is being kept for archival purposes and is not part of the current BlogNomic game.

The territories that are considered to be “Behind the Iron Curtain” are: MUR (Murmansk), URA (Urals), SIB (Siberia), STP (St. Petersburg), GOR (Gorky), VOL (Volga), MOS (Moscow), CRP (Central Russian Plateau), ROS (Rostov), CAU (Caucasus), KAZ (Kazakhstan), AZE (Azerbaijan), ARM (Armenia), GEO (Georgia), DON (Donbas), KHA (Kharkov), SEV (Sevastopol), ODE (Odessa), KIE (Kiev), POD (Podolia), RUM (Rumania), MOL (Moldova), BUL (Bulgaria), MAC (Macedonia), ALB (Albania), SER (Serbia), BOS (Bosnia), CRO (Croatia), HUN (Hungary), SLO (Slovakia), CZE (Czech), SAX (Saxony), BER (Berlin), PRU (Prussia), SIL (Silesia), GDA (Gdansk), WAR (Warsaw), KRA (Krakow), BIE (Bielorussia), LIT (Lithuania), LAT (Latvia), EST (Estonia).

The following teritories are construed to be both “Behind the Iron Curtain” and in “The Free World”, as described in the “Smuggling” subrule:

BHM (Bornholm Sea), BAL (Baltic Sea), GOB (Gulf of Bothnia), ADR (Adriatic Sea), WBS (Western Black Sea), EBS (Eastern Black Sea), CAS (Caspian Sea).