List of Approved Gadgets

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Go stones.png This page was gamestate in an unspecified dynasty (see which pages link here). It is being kept for archival purposes and is not part of the current BlogNomic game.

Emergency Pants

If an Agent has the Emergency Pants gadget, e may remove it from eir list of gadgets and simultaneously set eir own “Gadgets” entry in the GNDT to the default value.


Air 0 Sea 1 Land 1

Diamond Studded Cane

A.K.A. The Mastermind's Pimp Cane.

If the Mastermind possesses this gadget e is not subject to the limitations of traveling across the Iron Curtain. If any other Agent has this gadget, e may escape from the Mastermind’s Prison by giving it to the Mastermind.


Air 4 Sea 4 Land 4

Mind-Control Serum

The Agent who has this Gadget on eir list of Gadgets on the Wiki is referred to as the “owner” of this Gadget.

If the Owner of this Gadget is located in the same territory as another Agent, the Owner may send a message to the Mastermind stating that the Owner uses the Mind-Control Serum on that other Agent. The message must identify the name of the other Agent and must include the name of an Affiliation. Promptly after receiving the message, the Mastermind will contact that other Agent by appropriate means and will notify that other Agent that eir Affiliation has been changed to the Affiliation identified in the Owner’s message. The Owner does not need to know the original Affiliation of the Agent on which it is used.

Each Message sent by any Owner to the Mastermind pursuant to the previous paragraph is counted as a “use” of this Gadget. This Gadget may not be Used more than three (3) times. The number of times that this Gadget has been used will be tracked in the Gadget’s description on the wiki. Once this Gadget has been used three times, it is destroyed. Uses of this Gadget are cumulative for all Owners (for example, if A owns the Gadget and uses it twice and then B owns the Gadget, then B may only use the Gadget once, upon which it is destroyed).

This Gadget has been used zero (0) times.


Air 2 Sea 2 Land 2

Large Hose

If an agent has the large hose gadget, e may often “use” it by making a comment to the GNDT declaring eir use of the gadget. When used, the current location of the agent who posses the gadget, provided it is a land territory, is temporarily flooded. All agents on this territory, including the agent with the hose, are moved by the Mastermind a random land territory bordering the flooded territory. If no such territory exists, they are moved to MOS if they are behind the iron curtain, and PAR if they are not.


Air 3 Sea 1 Land 2