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List of Events

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Current Active


  • Name: Volcano:
  • Current Bid: 17
  • Effect: All energy costs are doubled, whenever a Lifeform would lose Nourishment, that Lifeform loses that amount of Nourishment plus one instead and whenever a Lifeform would gain DNA Points, that Lifeform instead gains half that number of DNA points (rounded up)
  • Name: Ice Age
  • Current Bid: 77
  • Effect: Feeding Attempts yield 1/2 the normal Nutrition gained (rounded down). Nutrition gained from the Hibernation feat is doubled.
  • Name: Global Warming
  • Current Bid: 21
  • Effect: All rolls made during any Feeding attempt, aside from the roll made to aquire a target during Hunting, are reduced by 3.
  • Name: Solar Flare
  • Current Bid: 0
  • Effect: All costs associated with Evoluting are reduced to 3/4 the normal price.
  • Name: Mating Season
  • Current Bid: 0
  • Effect: The Energy cost to Reproduce is reduced by 2, to a minimum cost of 1 Energy.
  • Name: Drought
  • Current Bid: 0
  • Effect: All rolls associated with Foraging gain -4.
  • Name: Famine
  • Current Bid: 0
  • Effect: During the Fight phase of Hunting, the Hunting Lifeform gains -4 to eir Roll.