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Go stones.png This page was gamestate in an unspecified dynasty (see which pages link here). It is being kept for archival purposes and is not part of the current BlogNomic game.



This is a half-block stretch of the Main Street sidewalk. which bears heavy foot traffic during daylight hours. It is adjacent to a number of other locations, including the BuckyStar Café and its associated Alley. The mysteriously ruined DDF HQ is by this sidewalk.

BuckyStar Café

BuckyStar Café is a local combination restaurant and coffee house. By day, it serves burgers, mediocre seafood and several local specialties. At night, it serves cheap coffee and wireless internet access. It’s a decent place to take someone out for lunch.

It occupies the ground floor of a thirty-year-old office building at the corner of Main and 7th Street. Its main exit leads directly to the Sidewalk, and it also has an exit to an adjacent Alley which is sometimes locked.

Jason Smith eats here once or twice per week. Bucky works the evening shift on weekdays.

The Alley

The Alley is a dark space between buildings. It is barely wide enough to drive a truck into and dead-ends abruptly after about ten meters. It is usually empty except for a bicycle rack. It exits directly to the Main St. Sidewalk, and there is a door leading to the kitchen area of the BuckyStar Café which is sometimes locked.

Every Modnay and Friday morning at 6, a refrigerated meat truck blocks the alley for about 15 minutes while its crew makes a delivery to the adjacent BuckyStar Café through the side door.

Shade Industries Warehouse

A deserted warehouse on the corner of Main Street and 6th Street. It has no windows, and the metals doors always appear shut. A crumbling sign above the door reads ‘Shade Industries’. Mysterious echoes are sometimes heard through the doors.

The Council refuses to demolish the building due to the fact that it is still owned by the reclusive businessman, Dr Marcus Shade.

City Hospital

The City Hospital is located in a rough-and-tumble part of town, a short ambulance ride away from the corner of 7th and Main (or a 20 minute walk from that location). Tired, overworked and underpaid physicians and nurses care for patients who are too poor or uninsured to afford better care elsewhere. The emergency room deals with a steady flow of drunks, drug overdoses, and victims of urban violence brought here by the ambulance. The waiting room smells of disinfectant, cheap coffee and human body odor.

City Tax Office

The City Tax Office is where Jason Smith works 9 to 5 everyday other then weekends and holidays. Located in the main business district of the city, it’s a 30 min walk or a 10 min cab ride away from the BuckyStar Cafe. Jason Smith’s job in the office is to assure that all tax forms have been filed correctly and are sorted as either earning a rebate or paying the government. The job is sometimes very stressful and causes Jason Smith to sometimes argue with friends and family over minor things.

Smith Apartment

This is Jason Smith’s modest four room apartment. It contains a living room, bathroom, bedroom and kitchen/dinning area. Every Saturday, Jason Smith invites friends over for a weekly poker game. Jason Smith is a decent poker player and normally wins a few extra bucks during these games. The apartment is well kept and clean. In one corner of the living room is a fish tank containing a pair of silver angelfish. The apartment is located on 7th Street and is a 5 min walk from the BuckyStar Cafe.

Arth’s Antique Shop

On the other side of Main Street and across BuckyStar Cafe, there lies an antique shop. It looks like the kind of business where nothing ever happens, dealing mostly with dusty tomes and interesting but mostly useless relics and gadgets. The owner, a quirky old man who is said to be a war veteran, is eager to tell a story about each of the items on display at his store… all except one.

The store is open everyday except Mondays, and from 3 PM to 12 PM, a strange schedule which befits the owner.

The name on the rusted signboard atop the place reads: Arthexis’ Fine Antique Shope

Ruined DDF HQ

This is a ruined building that looks sort of futuristic. Months ago, a small group of Dimensional Defense Force agents made this their Dimensional HQ. They quickly died off, after lacking any funding. Turns out the taxes for being a mysterious group are quite high. Nobody knows what happened to the agents.

The majority of people choose to avoid this building, as the robotic security guards are still semi-active, and the place didn’t have much of worth anyway. However, some people report seeing a shadowy figure that looks a bit like Rodlen here during some nights.

The fact that no demolition group wants to touch this place hampers the Council’s efforts to get rid of this building by the Sidewalk.

Joey Wong's Healthy Cantonese Restaurant

This Chinese restaurant is located on Main Street, next to Arth's Antique Shop. From the sidewalk in front of the shop, tinny speakers hidden in fiberglass Foo lions squeak out Chinese opera. A neon dragon intermittently blinks in the window. Inside, a short, bald, elderly Chinese man tends bar. The proprietor, Joey Wong, speaks quickly and nervously and wears a short-sleeved white shirt splattered with food stains. "Hello hello my friend welcome to my humble establishment allow me to guide you to a table may I suggest the pork dumplings allow me to take your coat" he expectorates with a single breath as a customer enters. The room is dark and smoky, with red and black lacquer walls and gaudy posters of smiling fat Buddhas. But most of Joey Wong's patrons are there to drink, not to eat... or for a word with Mr. Falsonome, the silver-haired Italian gentleman who customarily occupies a corner booth with the gravitas of a magistrate holding court. Joey Wong's is adjacent to the Sidewalk. The establishment is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except Yom Kippur.


A ramshackle newspaper kiosk, smelling of cheap cigars and wet cardboard, is located on the sidewalk on the corner of 7th and Main. The kiosk sells a motley assortment of newspapers in English, Yiddish, Italian, Russian and other languages. Grigor, the vendor, has a seven-day stubble; a weak, slobbering mouth, breath that could knock down a mule at twenty paces, and an unidentifiable European accent. The position of the kiosk affords Grigor an unobstructed view of the sidewalk, the entrance to the alley, and the entrances to the cafe. Next to the kiosk, during the morning and evening rush hours, a thin rat-faced man entices passersby with three-card monte and shell games. The kiosk is adjacent to the Sidewalk.

St. Matthew's

St. Matthew's, a solidly-built faux-Gothic church sits on Main Street, adjacent to the Shade Industries Warehouse and the Sidewalk. Although the spacious church could seat hundreds, it attracts few worshipers (except for funerals), and the parish is hard-pressed to keep it open. The marble interior reflects and magnifies sound, and candlelit statues of saints cast haunting reflections on the once-gilded, now-flaking ceiling. On windy days, litter blows through the doors into the vestibule. A once-magnificent pipe organ, now fallen into disrepair, dominates the choir loft.

Jen and Berry’s

Adjacent to the alley is a brightly-colored ice cream store, with a proud sign on top reading ‘JEN & BERRY’S’ in all white, capital letters. The floor is well-cleaned, and the store boasts thirty flavors, some classic and others not so much. The walls are decorated with murals of varying art styles and materials. There is one which appears to be done in crayon by a child’s hand, with a plastic cover over it. There are six small tables, with two chairs pushed neatly into each one. The surface of a table is about three inches wider than the seat of a chair. Both the table and chair are a dark green. Two glass doors form its main exit out onto main street. The schedule is plastered onto on of them. It reads: Mondays - Fridays 8 AM - Midnight / Saturdays and Sundays 10 AM - 6 PM. An additional side-exit stems from the back room where various equipment and ice cream is stored and leads to the back alley. On Wednesdays at 7 AM, the manager arrives with various ingredients to make the ice cream on-site.

King Anthony Library

A classical, domed building at the very end of Main Street, where it intersects with 1st Street and Veto Boulevard. A massive repository of literature and records, the library is an imposing structure in the town. Inside, the main hall is lit by faint blue lights, with busts of famous personages lining the bookshelves. The Head Librarians are Melody Sherringham, Mathieu Santos and Oze. The gift shop vends items in small red bags.