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List of Items


Fashioned out of pure copper, these are the official currency of the entire civilized world.

Bat Wing

Thin and delicate, these wings are rather easy to salvage. They’re not extremely useful, but they fetch a decent price.

Monster Bones

Famously dense, monster bones are great for making weapons and for fertilization.

Monster Guts

They look and smell disgusting, but if you can stand the scent long enough to get them to a trading post, they’ll fetch a high price, as many see them as a delicacy.

Carving Knife

A handy tool for butchers and hunters alike.

  • Attack Power: 1
  • Scavenging Power: 1

Small Tusk

A pointy tooth, not particularly impressive, but a useful material to some tool makers.


A tasty source of protein from a monster of the less sentient variety.

Bone Club

A weapon-smith can carve a club out of bone. Because they’re incredibly heavy, they really pack a punch.

  • Attack Power: 3


An enchanted shriek that can be captured in a jar. It grows louder and more chilling with each surface it echoes off.

  • Attack Power: 3
  • Destroy after use
  • Can only be used by an Adventurer in Dank Cave or Labyrinthine Canyon

Flying Boots

A pair of magical winged boots.

  • An Adventurer in possession of these boots can travel for 1 AP.

Purple Ichor

Extremely useful for potion making, the blood of the purple Man-eating Worm is extremely valuable.

Poisonous Stinger

The Man-eating Worm’s main weapon; it is extremely dangerous. Handy for assassins.

  • Attack Power: 2
  • If they have not Hunted since the last Respawn, an Adventurer may destroy their Poisonous Stinger to remove a Monster from the same Wilds as the Adventurer.

Hearty Meal

Grub, chow, eats, vittles, food.

  • An Adventurer may destroy this item to increase their AP by 4.

Cryptic Clue

Strange glowing runes giving fragmentary prophecies

Squid Thingy Larva

The juvenile stage of a squid thingy, newly lodged in its human host

  • A Squid Thingy Larva may not be deleted
  • An adventurer who camps with this item looses an additional 2 Hit Points for each squid thingy larva in their inventory
  • If an adventurer reaches 0 hit points with this item in their inventory, add two squid thingies to their location


When several of these monsters gather, their electricity could build and cause lightning storms.

  • An Adventurer in possession of this item has their Support set to 1 during Respawning.
  • If an Adventurer loses possession of this item, decrease their Support by 1, if possible.


An electric bolt, literally in a bottle.

  • Attack Power: 4
  • Destroy after use

Detective Hat

A relic of a past dynasty, or a forced reference? That’s one case in need of solving.

Spider Silk

sticky strands secreted by a monstrously large arachnid

Spider Netting

a stick net for trapping prey

  • Scavenging Power: 3
  • Destroy after use

Summoning Pebble

A small magic rock that, with the right incantation, can bring items out of defeated monsters.

  • Scavenging Power: 2
  • Can only be used by an Adventurer with Magic 1 or higher.

First Aid Kit

A handy kit for patching up wounds in the field, for when you don’t have the time to allow them to mend on their own.

  • An Adventurer in possession of this item may destroy it to increase their Health by 1 (to a maximum of 10).

Shadowy Tome

A tome of arcane magic, much of questionable origin

  • Scavenging power:3,
  • When used roll Dice10 and on a 5 or lower the adventurer gains a Curse

Dark Staff

The tainted weapon of a tainted mage

  • Enchant power: 4
  • When used roll Dice10 and on a 5 or lower the adventurer gains a Curse

Crystal Ball

A tool for seeing the future, the past or far away

  • when taking damage during camping, reduce the damage taken by 1


Dark Magic formed of malevolence and attached to an individual

  • A curse may not be deleted
  • A adventurer with three curses has their health set to zero

Dragon's Head

The head of a dragon, still dripping with ichor. This prize will definitely earn you favor in the Emperor’s court.

  • A player with this head in their possession can destroy it to achieve victory

Runed Knife

‘’This type of knife is usually made as the first introduction to enchanting items for apprentice Wizards.’’

  • Enchant power: 2


A delectable treat not commonly found in the Dragonwood

  • When an Adventurer gains this item, they may determine its fruit type by using the FRUIT command
  • The following is a list of fruit types and their respective modifiers:
    • Kiwi: This especially rare Fruit trades for 15 coins instead of 10
    • Grape: If an Adventurer gains this Fruit as a result of Hunting, that Adventurer may gain an additional Fruit
    • Cherry: An Adventurer may eat this Fruit to increase their Support by 1
    • Orange: An Adventurer may eat this Fruit to increase their Health by 1
    • Tangelo: An Adventurer may eat this Fruit to increase their AP by 1
    • Lemon: An Adventurer may eat this Fruit to increase their Experience by 1

Light Bow

A weapon more suited for hunting animals than slaying monsters

  • Attack Power: -2
  • If an adventurer has moved or hunted with a different weapon since the last time they hunted with a bow, Hunting with a bow does not cost any AP

List of Trades

  • 1 bat wing → 3 coins
  • 1 bone → 15 coins
  • 1 monster guts → 20 coins
  • 1 Meat → 5 coins
  • 1 Small Tusk → 2 coins
  • 1 Small Tusk + 10 coins → 1 Carving Knife
  • 1 Monster Bone + 15 coins → 1 Bone Club
  • 2 bat wing + 50 coins → 1 Flying Boots
  • 1 Purple Ichor → 35 coins
  • 1 Monster Guts + 1 Meat → Hearty Meal
  • 40 coins → Hearty Meal
  • 1 Lightning Bolt → 30 coins
  • 1 Detective Hat → 42 coins
  • 1 Spider Silk + 5 coins → 1 Spider Netting
  • 1 Spider Silk → 3 coins
  • 30 coins → 1 Summoning Pebble
  • 20 coins → First Aid Kit
  • 1 Small Tusk + 15 coins -> 1 Runed Knife
  • 1 Fruit -> 10 coins
  • 1 spider silk + 10 coins -> 1 Bow